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Hi, I had on medication for prozac and had stopped for 2 months. Now my psychiatrist thinks that I need it back but then due to financial problems I won't can afford it. I had reacted badly when I was due to see counselor last 2 weeks ago and earlier on I had taken the prozac for more than half a year. Do I really need the medicine?
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If you felt better on the medication then you do off, then yes, you do need to start taking it again.  Only your doctor and you can determine this.  You say you reacted badly when you were due to see a counselor.  You need to examine why you acted this way as it may reflect the need for therapy, and medication.  Therapy is always good, it helps us realize what is bothering us and teaches us coping skills.  A psychiatrist is the most knowledgeable one when it comes to medications and which are best for you.  Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed that you may need medication, there are millions of us on medications for emotional problems.  Talk with your psychiatrist, ask him why he feels you need it, and go from there.  Keep an open mind with all this, and again, if you felt better on it, that's your answer.  But if you didn't, tell your doctor as there are many other medications that may be better suited for your needs.  Take care...
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Yea, sorry I forgot to stat there what my psychiatrist said why I need medicine. He said that I need medicine because that he feels the fear,anxiety and everything negative in me
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That's okay, listen to your psychiatrist. The medication will help you with all this, and make your life easier and more enjoyable.  Take care....
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Generic Prozac is really cheap.  Cost shouldn't be a factor, only whether you feel your life is so impacted by your problems that you need the med.
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