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i have told my diabetec nurse y cant i kill myself i bloody hate this depression and my diabetecs i have told her i will do it just u c i am so moody with every 1 i cant take this diabetes. i have not took my insulin and tablets for almost a year now i keep getting sharp pains in my side and also needle and pins in my feet and legs also burning feeling 2 also keep getting very bad head arcs kev
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I'm not an expert on diabetes but I know you need to take that medication or else you're going to eventually have serious problems that are going to make your mood even worse than it already is.
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My husband ignored the warnings of too much sugar in his urine, until his body forced him to deal with it.  He is an insulin dependent Type II diabetic.  The longer your body goes with your sugar NOT under control the more damage it's doing to all your vital organs.  Diabetes is no fun, but there are much worse things which you will be forced to deal with if you don't start taking this seriously now!  You are complaining of symptoms now, what did you expect when not taking your medications?  I'm not scolding you, just trying to make you aware of the dangers of NOT taking your meds!  A lot of us have medical conditions we have to deal with, but we do it. My husband has many regrets over ignoring his, and is paying the price for it.  I'd hate to see anyone else have to endure what he is right now.  Wise up and get yourself healthy in every way, you only get one crack at this life, make the best of it!  Take care.
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You sound very depressed at the moment.  Not dealing with your own health will not help.  We have all felt suicidal and so low we don't care.  

Please try and help yourself, or discuss your feelings with a doctor, relative or friend.

We are here to listen, but I do urge you to try and help yourself.

Thinking of you.
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Not dealing with your diabetes can very well be making your depression worse.
With proper treatment you should see improvement with your depression and your general health as well.
As far as the other symptoms 'pins and needles, etc.' these could very well be the early signs of neuropathy which is very common in uncontrolled diabetes.   I have severe polyneuropathy and believe me when I say that things will not get better from here.  Pain 24/7 will make depression seem like a mere cold.  You don't want to go down this road if you don't have to.
I don't have diabetes but sure wish taking a pill or injection could solve my problems.
Perhaps you should seek professional counseling to help you thru these tough times.

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