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im constantly depressed and feel i don't fit anywhere. I loss my parents within a 3 year period father first then mother. very hard to deal with still hard. Although n front of everyone i can put on an act but deep inside im dying. I Have family all around but there n there own worlds. currently don't have a job so im without meds and i know i need them. there's not a day that goes by that sucide doesn't cross my mind.
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Please go for counseling so you have someone to talk to. Suicide is not a good way out. There are non-profit counseling organizations and city/county run counselors who can help you for little or no cost to you. Try to look them up online to find one near you.
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You are on the wrong forum.
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Hi can clinical depression be cured completely? I have problem of low self esteem, some times feels neutral, not like to do anything. Are this symptoms  of clinical depression? Please suggest.  
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