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yeah im 18 years old and pretty much ive always have been a negative person i was always one that saw the glass as half empty...but any more i am always feeling like im depressed nothing seems to go well for me and it seems to be making me sick im always feeling weak,tired (but can't sleep) sick to my stomach..jus it seems like somthing is going to happen to me but my question is i really think i have depression disorder or somthing but i just would like to know will depression make me sick?? and if so how sick could it make me?
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Hi.  Depression robs us of our happiness, and motivation.  It makes us sad and wanting to isolate ourselves from others and doing things we once enjoyed.  It can take us to a dark and lonely place.  But it doesn't need to be this way.  You are so young and it's time to start working on you!  You need to get a thorough check-up from your doctor to make sure all is well.  Then if you are told it is depression and/or anxiety, you need to address that.  Meet with a psychiatrist so the two of you can determine what route of treatment best fits your needs, it may just be therapy, or therapy and medication.  But I think learning how to think more positively thru therapy would benefit you greatly.  You're not alone with this, we hear from a lot of teens regarding this, and there is so much help for you.  You can have the happy life you want and deserve!  You have a lot of living to do and don't want to miss a second of it!  Get help and get your life moving forward in a positive manner.  I know you can do this.  I wish you all the best and take care!
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To answer your question "will depression make me sick?"  Yes depression will make you sick.  Depression is an illness itself and it's symptoms are frequently physical sickness. The most common are the ones you are already experiencing.   For me the bad physical sickness is what made me sad and filled with 'gloom and doom'.  If I weren't physicallly sick because of it, I would be happy and positive.  Everyone gets 'down' or sad and depressed over things that happen in the course of life, it's normal.  But Depressive disorder is different.
Life events may triggeri it off but our body's reaction to lifes stressors is entirely different and we need help with it.  Mammo's suggestions above will help you out a great deal.
Let us know how you make out.
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i understand what your saying mammo but like i cant go to a psychiatrist or do therpy casue i wouldnt be able to afford and i have no1 to help me pay for it so that is outta the question i think...and over the last couple yrs ive been going to my family dr so much cause ive have problems with my knee and now my oblique muscle and really if i keep going there for diffrent problems i have a feeling they jus going to think im a cry baby or sumthing..and even if i did get medication i have a feeling it wont work for me casue i will be honest i have had alot of thoughts about killing my self so i really dont know what to do
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Negative thinking and depression are a vicious cycle.  I have suffered with both for years and realized that the part of my depression that wasn't chemically based could be controlled by learning to think more positively. This article helped me a lot:

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