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i wanted to know if i am depressed and dont know it. well ive been having hair loss headaces irritability,moody i dont know if its just because of my life stress,or is it really depression
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A doctor will ask you questions which will help him decide if you are depressed.  I believe there is a site on the internet with these questions.  

Hair loss does not sound like depression, but then we are all different when it comes to the symptoms.  Certainly irrability is a sign of depression, but then it could just be stress.  Only a doctor can tell you this.  
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you could just have a chemical imbalance sweetie. i have those same symptoms, and i started taking  a few different vitamin complex's, and they really help. go to a vitamin shop, and tell them your symptoms and they will suggest what you should take. dont get perscribed anything by a doctor. not yet anyway. i tried that and i ended up having a bunch of new symptoms and problems.---Lis
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the Chinese medicine view depression as a physical ailment that happens in the chest and is caused by the liver.

The Chinese believe depression causes a decrease in the flow of qi (chi), which is your life force, and the use of Chinese herbs re-energizes the flow of qi through the chest,

Chinese herbs and Acupuncture work effectively together to relieve depression
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You could be depressed.To escape from it why don,t you do the things that make you happy.Focus on the good things in your life and let all the negative things go.Only you can make the change.
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