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I know im depressed.. Ive self harmed before & aways afraid , im even afraid to talk bout it right now.. Im a looner & i dont trust any of my friends, i just wanna be happy again... Could anyone help me? Like i said im very scared just to talk bout my depression buut i am 100% not suicidle
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Im glad you arent suicidal!! The only thing to do is to talk about it, keeping  it inside will only make it worse. I understand your scared, but all of us here have faced that as well. I was afraid to go to a therapist, I was afraid to talk about things, and there are still a lot of things im afraid to talk about..even to the people I trust the most. Coming here and admitting you know your depressed  and declaring you need to be helped is a great start though. Its not entiry easy to do!
You can talk about anything here, you will NOT be judged here. Please know that!
Take care and if your comfortabl, talk about anything that bothers you here!
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I dont even know how to start, but i cry my self to sleep ALOT & to be honest im not even an adult & idk if this site is free so it scares me more, im crying right now typing this but it feels like im alone & that no one cares.
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Im not an adult either :) this site is free so no worries! You can post as much as youd like here, and everybody here is nice and try tobhelp the best they can. Theres a lot of great advice givers!
Do you know whats making you depressed?
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Thankyou & its my friends, family & society & ofc school.. School is a nightmare to me im so scared to even step foot on the bus the boys would pretend to cuutt there wrist & yell at me "emo girl" :'( & my friends ignore me 24/7 they act like im not even there my best friend would have to be my blade .. My family is falling apart i hear yelling everyday& society just makes everything worst.. Ive even stoopped my eating habbits i feel like im worthless & just nothing anymore
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Well your NOT worthless!!! Those people who make fun of you like that, there not worthless either, but there jerks!!!
I get teased in school all the time too, I know exactly how it feels. I dread this coming year because I dont want to fave.it. I get made fun of for my mental illnesses all the time
Maybe when school comes, you can talk to a school counslor. Thats what there for, no need to be afraid! You should really try finding a good therapist.  Its not healthy to keep all this in instead of talk to someone. You need to talk to someone!
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I cant talk to anyone tho.. The first time my parents walked into my room to see i was self harming i got grounded from everything & i got threatend to go to a hospital im so scared & then i self harm again.. Even worst, i hate talking to ppl like adults face to face bcuz i have a speech problem.. & everyone hates me & everyone isnt 100% perfect everyone has something bout them & i cant find a therapist bcuz of my parents :'( i may not be nothing but i sure feel like it .. & u shoould talk to someone too its not fair the way ppl treat uu were all lhumans alive & breathing
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