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what is the best way to overcome depression I take meds but seem to help some but need other methods too.
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Hi, i found mindfulness classes and therapy helped me tremendously. They forced me to actively participate in my own recovery. It put me in control. Before I took meds and waited for some kind of miracle to happen but the truth is you really have to throw yourself into recovery.
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yes I am starting to exercise and think positive about things and trying to recover but still kind of hard but I understand you have to want to recover to be able to recover. I think if I exercise I will be getting to feel better and self image be better.
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Some other suggestions are: walking, try everyday if you can, try yoga, meditation, classes on depression recovery, activities such as a craft or anything else you may enjoy to keep you occupied and looking forward to doing it.  If you haven't gotten bloodwork for vit d, vit b and iron, you could be deficient in any of these. I was. If you are and start taking prescription supplements from your dr, you will notice a big difference in your mood and energy. Keep in ming all things take time. No quick fixes here. Just try what you can and see what works for you. To help ourselves is the very best we can do to take or minimize the depression that we are feeling. And Therapy helps a great deal.
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I forget to add that you also have your Thyroid checked in case you have not yet.
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Ok I will I need a regular dr to go to
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For me :
what helps is
: moderate exercise ....i used to gym for 1 hour every alternate day  
also CBT helped to some extent (doing it now )

And long term psychotherapy long back when i had no friends .  

Now some good friends support too
Though meds help many for me not much (its different for different ppl )  ...
I heard yoga and meditation is good . have to trry it
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