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hi. i am 23 and unemployed since a long time. due to this and many other problems i face a lot of physical abuse at home. i cry continuously for hours & pee in my pants when i'm being beaten. i have also cut my self several times & tried suicide. i had to seek medical help but i was beaten for that too. how i do i overcome these crying spells & come out of depression. nothing at my house will change, everyone will continue to beat me.
either help me or give me a suicide advice which works well, without any fail. i cant live anymore. please pleease. dpnt consider it as fake, im in a lot of problme all by myself, no one to support
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Do you have any friends who would allow you to live with them while searching for a job?  You NEED to get out of that house.  Your family is horrible to you from the sound of it and not being loving to you at all.  Abuse is NOT something you should ever tolerate; it's a shame this was not reported when you were a minor.  Report the next incident to the police and ask them if they know of anywhere you can seek help, whether a battered women's shelter or what. You NEED out of that for your own health, both physical and mental (and mental health is indeed physical in nature).  Then, once you're out of the situation, find a way to seek medical help.

I also suggest doing some journaling and soul searching in this time.  Prepare (and/or update) your resume while working to get out of this situation to show anyone who's a friend and might take you in that you are planning to do your part to help, not just mooch off them.

Good luck and keep us updated!
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if I do so they will probably kill me.well that will be better than this atleast.
I dont come from a country where you are open in thoughts, in our country parents abuse you. and u cannot do anything about it, except crying.
my whole family knows what I'm going through aunts, uncles & cousins. but nobody can do anything about it.
I need advice to be strong.
I have applied everywhere but I haven't got a call.
my parents always keep saying that we have invested so much in you & your not worth a penny. if I report to the police,  I'l be thrown out and I have nobody to support me.
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I'm so sorry you're going through this. I live in the states and things are very different from India.
I hope you get a call soon. If you get a job can you get a place of your own?
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yes if I get a call. I will move from here.
but I'm afraid I might kill myself before that.
I am getting suicidal thoughts every second. since morning I have made numerous cuts on my body. The pain through cuts has eased my sorrows. but I need a permanent solution.
I really need help. Please do u have anything. any medical advice. something please
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You may feel no laughter or happiness inside because these positive emotions have been blocked by unhappy memories. Old emotional hurts inevitably lurk inside and when the new feelings try to bubble up they are filtered through a preexisting feeling of hopelessness, fear or anxiety. "Hurt" is stored because the body retains a primitive subconscious ability to remember every incident that it experiences.

Three skills must be learnt to overcome this,

Firstly, a method of releasing or handling the subconscious "hurt memories" which have been stored.
Secondly, developing self-confidence to deal with the actual situation which triggers the anxiety.
Thirdly, developing new responses to express the emotions that are felt when the situation recurs.
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thank u for your advice.  but how do I implement them.
can u please give some tips as to how I develop new responses to those feelings & thoughts.
how do I handle those subconscious memories. I don't have any partner to share anything or any talks or friends that aren't too close.
and self confidence is something I've lacked since minor.
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