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how i show my carefulness to my depressed boy friend?he said he won't come to see me either.now i'm gonna getting mental ill too
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depression is wide and vary s

first take time out do something you like take small trip to a park relax focus elsewhere before coming back at it

he wants time and space give it he may feel smothered or just antisocial im recovering so it blurry to remember those days

but step back but watch and get outside help if sighns start appearing

no grooming or self care withdraws from public withdraws from family

sleeps allot

these are signs of normal depression but also signs its time to get intervention

till then find ways to decompress relax music books walks parks

keep your spirits high

and relax most often they wont leave you so stop panicking and stressing

they have to want help and counseling they have to reach for a helping hand to pull out of there pit or its useless

my recovery from many disorders started 6 years ago most here know it well

i told a nurse i would drill a hole my head was filled and hurt she called in gun man swats breaking my door mace tackle

drug to er

i looked at my wife i said enough

enough of this life i want better i started shrink and counseling next day 5 or so years later counseling is getting spaced counseling says all we need is anger the rest in control

scary thing a couple months ago my mom one the phone never been lovey dovey

shocked me and said you sound so good so different

its there it can be done but only commitment

committed to drugs and lots of drug experiments till your right combo is found putting up with bad counselors till a good one comes

i look back and nothing will make me return or go back

were never cured my demons haunt me at times my past drags me at time depressed all those

but now there bumps not pits most are easier to pull out of fights now able to dissect and find fix problems

its there for anyone its the commitment factor

good luck best wishes sorry long post
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thank u very much
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no problem stay in touch and talk or vent its hard im happy to listen or help more

so its not so stressful

best wishes
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Hi there.  Well, I first wanted to say that I'm sorry about your boyfriend as that is a difficult situation.  I think if he is your 'boyfriend' that you then should use this information to decide what you want to do.  If he doesn't seek treatment for his depression and is hard to deal with, you feel like you are walking on egg shells, and neglected with the depression as either the real reason or an excuse, this might be something to consider if you want to move forward with the relationship.  Depression for some can be a lifelong battle.  And I want you to have a happy, peaceful life.  Your boyfriend has a responsibility to be a healthy person for you or at least do his best to be by taking medication if necessary, being mindful of your feelings and not allowing on a regular basis for his depression to get in the way of his relationship.  If he can not do that, then I have to suggest that you should find a healthier person to be with long term for your own happiness.  

And you can the blues by mistreatment but depression is a clinical diagnosis as are other mental health issues.  So, fear not unless you are predisposed to these things that you'll get mental illness too.  

But again, you have a choice in this situation and I would really be careful about which direction you go in.  good luck
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depression and most disorders are life long never ending battles

But if we work hard and want change they can be managed well

im bipolar manic depression anxiety long list

6 years of meds and counseling and doing my part my hard work

my depression is a week or so bump not a pit

unless to much piles on me even then if i follow what i learned i can pull myself out

i am better more happy and peaceful but the fight and battle like said never ends

but im sorry i feel lack of commitment being stuck in a rut or just happy where they are

we can all get to a better place get to less life ending depression

i believe it for any disorder

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