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My husband is 64 years old and he has a depression for a long time like 11 years, and it started due to serious tensions. Now his mother also happened to have depressive as well as excited moods.

My husband however managed without any medications for about 2 years and was taking only Larpose 2mg for sleep during the last 2 years. Since June'07 there was again very serious tension and he started with something coming up from the stomach like a heat which he is unable to explain and also getting pains on the lower back rib portion whenever he got tensed, and was getting relief with hot water fomentation. He was treated by a pshyciatric doctor with Mirtaz 7.5mg 1 tab a day with Encoro Coronate 200mg 2 tabs a day morning and night with Larpose 2 mg. at night. Then increased Mirtaz to 15mg a day alongwith same dose of E.C.
There was no improvement, so changed to Stablon 1 a day, then 2 a day alongwith E.C. 200mg. 2 a day. Still no improvement and now he had some hoarseness in the throat. So taken to a physician, who treated him for infection and stopped the Stablon and changed the whole medicine to Stalopan 10, 1 tab a day after breakfast with half tab. of .25 mg. Restyl in the afternoon and l tab Larpose 2 mg at night.
However, with Stalopam 10 he is better in the morning but feels depressed in the evening. I would like to know what should be the prescribed doses of Stalopam 10 and whether the same requires to be increased.
Kindly advise.
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I am glad you are seeking help! You don't mention how long he has been taking these meds.  Depression and its physical symptoms aren't arrested with medication alone.  Moderate exercise is going to alleviate the mood and physical issues.  Of course none the medications are going to work correctly without treating the illness aggressively.  Medication can only do a small part so that the patient can move forward.  Its not easy and most depressives are resistant to change but it helps.  Making commitment to daily activities and nutrition are essential.  Keep us posted.
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i am telling you with confidence, try yoga and pranayam. it works wonders to stabilise mental moods and makes a person feel calm and composed and they are able to deal with tensions in a better way. please do try.
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i am a engineer working at site, i m suffuring from chronic depression since 11 years and taking almost all the anti depreesion but no improvement at all, i took cipralex for 6monts but no improvement then i switch over to stablon 12.5 mg and feeling well now.......
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