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how do you know when you are depressed? my boyfriend seems to think i am suffering from it which i think i am too
but i really do not know what the signs are of being depressed except always sad and never wanted to do anything with him or anyone else
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Hi Jessy25
Your symptoms definatly do show signs of depression, but also remeber that most people do feel sad and do tend to not want to do anything from time to time but if this as been on going for awhile day after day and things do not get any better i definatly would go see your physican, have you tried exercise or going for coffee with a friend i know that sounds easy but when your depressed you dont even feel like answering the phone i know i been there and struggle still everyday hope you get some more feedback from people but make sure you go see your doc if things dont get any better
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Kind of depends on the level and severity of your condition. I have found that the specific symptoms that many Depressed individuals discuss can vary a lot depending on this level of severity.

For example: while a moderatly depressed sufferer could identify with many of my symptoms, (because mine is refractory and cronic) there are many symptoms that I suffer that probably would not be in common with 70% of depression sufferers.

If you do a Google search for "symptoms of depression" then you can easily find a list of syptoms for Mild to moderate Uni-polar and Bi-polar depression.

If you want to know the symptoms of Severe Depression then I can tell you that, but I don't want to freak you out because it can get pretty bizzar.
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honey go see a doctor someone you klike & that you trust - then meditate - it will chnage your life i PROMISE !xx
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