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Hi Im 1 of those people who is suffering from dpression. I always felt down and i have difficulty to cope up with new situations. I have less friends because I have less interest in making friends. Im very quiet person and I cannot express my feelings. Sometimes in work my co workers think that I am wierd or crazy because I seldom talk. Can u give me advice how to cope with this and what is the best thing for me to do. Thank you.
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You are not only one suffering from depression.Watch Larry King show about OpraShe is victim of genetically modified foods consumption and she does not  know it.Her thyroid problems.What a joke.I garantee you that tree gentlemen on pannel have no clue what they are talking about. Just what kind of food Opra is eating.Watch Dr,Jeffrey Smith video about GMO foods.
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hi emzyi........i know what you are talking about ,.you are saying you are a quite Pearson on top of been depressed ,........thats not easy for you .
depression is bad enough for people that can talk out in ways , but for you its not and you think your
co workers think you a bit weird ,...my advise is to get some kind of talk therapy ,
he or she will learn you how to get up the concordance to talk to others ,.
does you co workers know you are just a quit Pearson ,?
they might not want to push you into talking because of that ,.its just a thought ,
have you got friends in work that you do talk to ,?
and keep talking here on mh ,.we are good listeners here on mh ,.
good look ,and keep talking ,............
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Oh heavens, depression does that to you, it isolates you in so many ways, you cut off friends, have difficult participating and engaging others in talk.  The advice depends on how long you've been this way? Did something trigger it?
Speaking with someone can help you find strategies to manage depression (aka talk therapy), many folks take meds, ie if they are dealing with long term stress like a dying family member. Some folks have chronic depression and require meds.
Think of it like any other brain issue medically, some folks need anti-seizure meds to stop having seizures. We take anti-depressants to not only cope but learn to enjoy life again.

You are St. Albert right? I'm originally from Edmonton, I actually got to speak with a pdoc quickly  after a referral from my GP. At least we don't have to pay for this. most countries you do.
I would make an app't with your GP (family doctor), they are absolutely not judgemental, depression is one of the top 10 issues seen by GPs.
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