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For about the last month i have been suffering from various symptoms , some with no relation to each other at all. First off, me and my boyfriend were living together for a few months then his mom didn't want me staying there anymore so i came back home. While i was living with him i had a job and attended school regularly. Since moving back home i hardly recognize the way i am acting. I have become so lazy, so unmotivated to do anything. All i do is lie in bed all day, just away from everyone. Talking to just my family or being around them makes me so angry. I am missing tonnes of school cause i never go anymore, and i feel as if i am never just chill. I cry like everyday for reasons i cant explain. It is ruining my relationship with my boyfriend, he doesn't know what is wrong with me and worries a lot. I think that if i don't do something soon then he will get sick of me  I get so mad at every little thing that he does too. He doesn't call when he suppose to - i flip. I feel really needy, and its as if i cant control it. I dont want to feel this way ? He goes out somewhere with any girl i like start crying and it ruins my whole day. I cant even concentrate and my blood just starts rushing, heart starts pounding cause i just get so upset. I have been put on anti depressants, but the only thing they are causing me is anxiety and sleepless nights . I have grown accustom to smoking weed, since it has been the only thing that i have found that calms me down out of anything.
I have mental breakdowns which seems to be happening more and more frequently. i have even lost interest in having sex with my boyfriend! I try and think about what interests i even have anymore and i cant think of one, like my whole life has turned blurry. I dont know what to do, i have not attended school for about two weeks now since it has got so bad. I dont know what to do, or where to turn next. Nothing is helping, and as much as I really do want to be motivated to do everyday things i just cant seem to bring myself to do them.
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You really need to see your family doctor, it sounds like you have some depression going on. Only a professional can diagnose you, I was like that as a teen it's no fun.
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I have spoken to my doctor, and like I said all he has done is put me on anti depressants, and all he keeps trying to drill into my head is how much I need to be at school. Education, education, education. Nothing is getting better, nothing is working.  How do i force myself to do these things. Been in bed now for almost three weeks ....
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I can tell you from personal experience, meds on their own won't do the trick. You have on yourself as well. I'm in a support group, and a group to help me retrain my brain.
As for a referral to a psychiatrist, maybe there is a better med out there for you, and talk therapy is so important. Hang in there. Take babystep, get out of bed every single day, have a shower, do 1 think you like. You'll see you will start to feel better :)
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