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im 21 yrs old gal.im facing a peculiar problem.i hate crowds,dont like to attain any kind of scial activities.rather i want to stay back home.i evn dont allow my mom or my brother 2 enter my room.my room is always closed.but i realy like to spend time with my best frnd nd my boyfrnd.i dont speak much wth my college mates.im into a dilemma..plz help.i thnk im into depression.shud i consult doctor?
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I would be interested to know if these problems are new. And there are some other associated symptoms usually seen in depression, such as, loss of interest in activities that used to give pleasure or joy, loss of appetite for food (or too much eating at times), disturbed sleep, feelings of helplessness and some more.

Do you feel scared when you meet people, or is it just that you do not feel like meeting them?

Do you feel better as the day progresses?

I think if you can find answers to these questions, you may be able to decide if you need to consult a doctor in your area.


Abhijeet Deshmukh, MD
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