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dizziness and antidepressant withdrawal

For the last 2 weeks I have felt very dizzy, missed 3 days of work, went to the doctor, who said I have vertigo.  Gave me an antihystamine.  She said it's viral.  I still feel the same.  I have begun to wonder if the vertigo could be caused by withdrawal from Lexapro, which I've been on for years.  I also experience mental "mud"--feeling confused and slow to get my thoughts together, as well as trouble remembering.  What do you think?  I have also been experiencing restless leg syndrome when I go to bed at night, and sore, tight muscles in the morning as if I had been through a grueling workout the day before.
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Those are withdrawals from the Lexapro. I am going through withdrawals from Wellbutrin right now. I am on my 11th day. I am experiencing vertigo, ringing in my ears, skin crawling, weak, nausea, insomnia,,,just to name a few. I think the one that bothers me the worst is vertigo. I was told that this could last 2-4 weeks. I just hang in there an wait for that day. It is hard. I have been working fulltime since I can not call in sick and I have two young children to deal with (3 years and 7 years) Hang in there. It shall get better soon.
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Yeah, agree. sounds like withdrawals. Try reading this page, it mentions dizziness as a side effect of withdrawal:


I'd suggest your doctor is rather clueless and maybe you should see someone else. Vertigo!! My God, what a silly thing to say to someone coming off meds!

It shall pass and you'll feel better, physically. Let's hope mentally too.
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i stopped cold turkey from wellbutrin and celexa and was feeling ok for a few days then it hit me. i then went back to half dosage of each for 4 days, this made all symptoms of withdrawal go away. i then dropped my dose to 1/4 for 4 days, figuring this would hopefully make me have no withdrawal symptoms. not sure if i didn't step down for long enough or what but withdrawal is back though definitely not as severe. i have the vertigo which is awful. feeling dizzy, nauseous. if i move my head quick the world spins even more and i fell like i'm gonna throw up. i also have an intense migraine. it hurts to read. my stomach has felt awful as well. semi-loose stool and just not feeling right. i know there is serotonin in the gut......who knew.....my doc told me that. i also have the tight muscles (like i got run over by a truck) in the am. yesterday the nausea and vertigo had gone and i was SO happy. today they are both back. it has been 9 days since i took any meds. hoping this passes soon!!!!!!!!! best of luck to the rest of u!!!
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This is my anti-depressant history;

Anti-depressant History (present to history)
Changed Neurofen Plus to Tramadol (migraine pain) & added Travacalm for dizziness – 19/1/12 (ended up in Emergency at St George Hospital tonight)
Avanza 15mg – none - changed on 19/1/12
Allegron 50 mg – Avanza 15mg – changed on 12/1/12
Allegron 25mg – Allegron 50 mg (now morning & night) – 4/01/12
Endep – Allegron 25 mgs - changed on 28/12/11
Endep 20 mg – 30 mg – 8/12/11
Endep 15 mg to 20mg – 5/12/11
Endep 10 mg to 15mg – 3/12/11
Lexapro - Endep 10 mg commenced on 28/11/11
Lexapro- 5mgs to 0 mgs – 25/11/11
Lexapro - 10mgs to 5mgs – 16/11/11

Lexapro – 20 mg to 10 mg & Topamax 37.5 mg (migraines)– 9/11/11
Lovan – Lexapro – changed around 5 years ago
Lovan – started around 7 years ago

I have been on a constant merry-go-around since ending up in hospital for migraines back last September. After taking me off Lexapro to be able to tolerate migraine meds without a reaction I have also ceased my codeine use as of 4 days ago and have also been anti-depressant free for the past 17 days.

I can't sleep, have constant dizziness where I cannot do anything, itching all the time, pains in my body, irritable, nightmares. I can handle everything except the dizziness as I can't do anything while feeling that way. I've tried exercises, ginger tablets, home accupressure, not sure what else to do, it's driving me crazy.....

Any advice?? Thanks
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