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does anyone sleep well?

i just looked at sleep deprivation effects and theyre very similar to depression, i havent slept well in 7 months (not 1 night) but am starting to sleep ok with seroquel, and im starting to feel better (less anxious and depressed)

i wonder if some of us could benifit just from a strong sleep aid for a few weeks?

instead of all these ssris?

anyone sleep really well every night and stil depressed/anxious?
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I am glad the seroquel is working for you.My sleep foes in cycles. I use advil pm for the rough nights and it works very well for me. I have often thought about askin g for lunesta or something. when I do cycle I alwasy wake upo every2 hours. I have no trouble going to sleep I just dont stay asleep.I thi nk my lack of thyroid has something to do with it.Other than thatI feel pretty good. well except for the flu thing thing I have right now. this too shall pass.Let meknow if you try the sleep aides.
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You know, I made this same observation years ago when I looked around at all the people I knew and noticed that the ones who slept well didn't seem to ever suffer from depression.   I, myself have not slept well my entire life and have had some sort of depression my entire life.  My mother has told the story many times of how she had to tipee-toe when I was a baby so as not to wake me up.  My childhood was terrible, but I suspect that if I was a good sleeper, certain events wouldn't have affected me the way they did.  Even today, if I happen to get 5hrs straight sleep, I feel like a different person.  My husband goes right-to-sleep in like 5 seconds, while I just stare in awe, and he is an easy going happy person.  I will be curious to see if anyone posts that they are happy and don't sleep well.   Seroquel--hmm..........
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ive had 3 nights good sleep and i feel soo much better. anxiety and depression GONE and lots of energy.
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Wow, three nights of good sleep, I'm so happy for you!!  And maybe a little jealous, lol.....
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