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does klonopin cause depression

hi is it true that clonazepam/klonopin can actually make you depressed.
ive been asking questions as it helps my anxiety................i dont want it to start making me feel more depressed!
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Klonopin will eventually kill you if you stay on it. I have been on it eleven years and it has taken me two years to taper down to 1/32 of an mg. I finally got completely off 10 days ago and I am in hell. From what I have read I can expect to stay in hell for at least the next year and maybe two. I would read up on this and make sure you know what you are getting into before you get on klonopin, or any other drug, for that matter.

Good luck,

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IMO Klonipin is a poor choice for an anti-anxiety medication. I still can't figure out why doctors prescribe it when there are so many other meds dor anxiety that are just as effective and less damaging.

Philtcbiaf is right. Klonipin is not even intended or designed to be a long term maintenence drug for anxiety. It has it use and that is for short term only.

There are so many other safer anti-anxiety medications that are just as effective and not as harmful.

Is your doctor a Psychiatrist? Most Psychiatrist will not keep anyone on Klonipin for very long. It is best used in the short term while waiting for other slower acting Anti-anxiety meds to kick in. If your Doctor is a Psychiatrist then he should know that.

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