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does medication work

hi all im new here, so please bear with me if i go on to much, first of can i just say i was diognosed with deppression an anxiety some time ago, i dont think i can accept that i have deppresion,i look at is as an embaresing subject,but thats the least of my problems, can i just say does the medication work, i dont know what to expect , i just want every thing back the way it use to be where i had so much confidents in myself,to get to the point i want to know if the med works over the last couple of years ive been changin med first i was on fluxatine well think thats what it was then certrapan and now sertreline reasantly was on 50mg now uppe my dose of 100mg been on this about 6month ,i have panic attacks alot  an the list goes on ,i am evently getting help now but while i wait just wanted to know if the med will work ,i now realise that there is a lot out there that feel like i do,like this forum which i have just seen ,thankyou for reading this and i look forward to your answer.
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I'm sorry you are having to go through this.  It's frustrating, it's scarey, and there is so many unknowns.  Embarrassing, yeah it can even be embarrassing too, and that is no help.  (Being embarrassed is self imposed though and really serves no purpose but to keep our own selves down.)

The medications can and do work.  It might take some time to find the right medicine and the right dosage, and even then it often takes weeks for the dosage to set in so it can be evaluated.  If you look at it this way, it took you a while to get here, it will probably take a while to get back to something resembling normal, right?  

As far as not accepting that you have depression, I think you already have on some level.  Here you are asking questions.... that is a level of acceptance and also the ground work for helping yourself.

So many people with depression just want it to go away.  They are looking for that magic pill or that special moment that will take it all away.  I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way.  All of this takes time, and I know how frustrating it is telling therapists and doctors your story over and over again.  (Are you seeing a therapist and a doctor on a regular basis?  I think you should be... it can't hurt.)  

These professionals have to know everything in order to work you through it.  Most therapists are not allowed to prescribe medicines, but they do have a crude knowledge of how most medicines work.  They can work with your doctor, along with good therapy... and you can start to see results.

It takes time.... It takes work.... It takes bearing your soul more times than you ever thought you'd have too, but in the end it is all worth it.
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thankyou for your reply,it has helped a little knowing this an that i am not alone, i am trying to accept this thing that i have, and no i am not seeing anyone about it at the moment, my gp refered me to some one i had 2 secions with her and after a chat asked me if i would see someone else first,so it has been decided she reports back to my gp first to get him to refer me to this other person ,she said i do need this help,so i am waiting an appointment, i think this has been building up inside me for a long time and i have not realized it ,and its gotton to the point wear i dont think i can cope what with the anxiety as well i also suffer with high blood pressure which im on med for, but thankyou ones again for your reply.
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