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does welbutrin help with stress?

so i just started taking welbutrin XL because me boyfriend of 3 years we just broke up and we are both moving out of our home and going our own ways. we have only been broken up for 1 month and he already has a girlfriend. so ive been really depressed and upset. and my stomach has started to hurt really bad to the point where somtimes i cant do anything. and i dont know if the welbutrin XL will help me not be so stressed out or if i should go to my doctor and try to find another way to help me. or take some kind of medican for my stomach. any help?
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It is very understandable why you feel so bad.Do you have someone to talk to?  A close friend or counselor even might help.  It sounds like you are holding a lot of feelings inside, hence the stomach pain.  I don't think the medication can cause stomach pain?
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I tried Welbutrin, and just couldnt handle it at all. I was so dizzy I couldnt get thru the day,I had to leave work and come home and rest. It also made my tummy feel blah, kinda like I had to throw up but not quite.
Anyway, I got off that and  my doc put me on celexa, and its helped me alot and I hadnt had any bad side effects.
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