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dperessed all the time, miserable

Feeling depressed, miserabl and suciidal all the time, tried 15 medicatiosn none helped, feel terrible all the time, been sturgglign fro 3-4 years everyday nonstop
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You also should be seen by an excellent primary care to rule out other disorders. Sometimes depression won't go away because there's something else in addition to the depression.

I read that many people will suddenly respond better to depression medication when they take a B vitamin.

Some problems that mimic or worsen depression:
thyroid issues
nutritional problems (especially anemia, low B vitamins, low protein, low magnesium).
sleep apnea (if you snore loudly, ask for a sleep study)
blood sugar problems
There are many more - ask your doctor.

There's also a new treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It's supposed to be safe and great for people with resistant depression.

I am so sorry you are having a hard time and I really hope you find relief.
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Hi You poor thing no wonder you don't feel good all that change of medication in a few years. If we swop to different types of tablets which are not in the same group of anti-depressants we go into withdrawal. Every change of tablet including increase in dose effects us and alters brain chemistry. These things lead to altered brain chemistry and withdrawal means symptoms of anxiety/depression which mimics what we went on them for the first place.
It feels like your brain has never had a chance to stabilize and let things calm down no wonder you feel bad.
What ever drug you are on now don't change stay on it and try and stabilize bear in mind you symptoms will not just go away. But believe it is altered brain chemistry and it is not you. Distraction is good, mornings are more difficult plan your days. Acupuncture will help, try meditation, yoga. But above all be kind to yourself believe you are not going mad and you won't go made stick it on your fridge. I've been there so I can relate !
Take care
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Depression is an adaptive mechanism which has served the species well for millions of years.  When things are going well in our lives, we feel good.  This good feeling is nature’s way of telling us to keep doing what we’re doing.  When our lives are not going well, we feel down or depressed.  This is nature’s way of telling us to make some changes.

In order to feel good, the following seven factors must be present in our lives:
- good nutrition
- fresh air
- sunshine
- physical activity
- purposeful activity
- good relationships
- adequate and regular sleep
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Please look into support. DBSA offers free weekly support groups.look up on their web site. Also NAMI.  I have had loads of med changes too.  
  Nothing seemed to work for me either. One thing, talking & posting here on MedHelp works wonders.
    When you feel you're helping others, it helps your own self worth.
    Remember if the feelings of self harm arise take action. Call a help line or the fire dept. get to an emergency room.  Every person is important. You are special.  Thank you for reaching out. Pamela
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