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hi is it coincidence that since my drug make has changed from efexor to viepax that my depression and my mums depression has been spiraling down hill since febuary when the drug make changed?
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When a patent for a brand name drug expires, pharmaceutical company can make a generic form of the drug. Effexor patent expired in 2006, since then several generics are available. Those generics are usually cheaper but they must contain the same active ingredient(s), the same dosage form, at the same dose or concentration, and for the same route of administration. The generics are usually cheaper and can use different inactive ingredients and preservatives which can sometimes cause trouble.

Looks like you are getting the generic for from the Israel generic of Effexor. It must be the cheaper generic of Effexor around and maybe it is responsible for your problems.

I highly suggest you both talk to your doctor(s) about returning on the brand name Effexor. If it's because the pharmacy wants to safe money, therefore they buy the cheap generic from Israel, than you may want to change pharmacy.

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no, not at all.  Call your doctors and tell them asap.
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My GP told me there is little difference between the cost of Viepax and Effexor.  You can go back on Effexor, just ask.

I was put on Viepax, but asked to go back on Effexor.  It has not been withdrawn.  Just ask GP.  You are the patient.  Tell them what you have told us.  I am sure they cann ot refuse your requst.

Things in UK are different to USA.  You are entitled to have Effexor.
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