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dxm and depression

I have seen anecdotal evidence on the internet that dextromethorphan (dxm) can ease depression.  I know it can also be abused.  Has anyone heard of the depression link and what dosage this would be?
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I know what you are talking about and yeah it can be abused. At 600mg pure dextrometorphan hydrobromide we are starting considering it quite a buzz. 600 to 1000mg over can result in 6 to 8 hours of complete dissosciation and I can tell you I already been there. We also extracted pure DXM from cold syrup containing it but that's another story.

Basically at the antitusive dose you get is so small that nothing happens but you stop coughing... chugging a whole bottle of cold syrup containing DXM might get you around the 300mg... Oh and this will most of the time result in vomiting.

You can't use this drug on a daily basis at high dose which would suggest a depression use.

What you are talking about is the effect of DXM on the SERT and NET blocking activity which indeed could ease depression but the therapeutic dose would be too high to be used on a daily basis and would obviously result in being really high as a result. A non-antitusive specific indication can't be achieved without exceding the dose that will not make you really high=lots of side effects.

My opinion remains that you should not use DXM to get high and/or to cope with your depression symptoms. It is basically like if you would take heroin to cope with depression and pain.

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there is no proof that it will make you feel better. maybe for the period of time you have to litterally commit too it. i took up to 4, 8oz bottles of Delsym at 1 time. and i was ****** up beyond any comprehension for the night i took it and id be doubled over for several days after. yes. you will feel numb or "better" while your on it. but through my experience and to many others. you feel like absolute **** for up to a week afterwords.

my advice.
just dont do it.
i last took it this past sunday. and everytime i say i dont want to do it anymore i end up stealing it again.
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I have been dex-ing for the last ten years and im only 23. I sincerely want to be clean amd sober but i fear that my diagnosis of cfs has led to a need for some kind of stimulant so to speak. Aside from my adderal and my norco, the only thinh that allows me a sort of cruch if u will to sustain any kind of activities outside of sleeping-eating-using the restroom and ghe occasional shower is dxm. What can i do? I have been off my adderal and norco for about a year now due to a pregnancy and since having the baby i have yet to find a new psychiatrist that is excepting new patients as my dr of ten years had retired during my pregnancy. Now i am left with a virtual inability to live my life outside of bed unless i take a box of cough medicine to give me a nudge of consiousness so i dont fall asleep again.
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