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effexor is addictive!

From what I have read, everyone is expereincing the same withdrawal symptoms from effexor as I get. Endless crying spells, shock sensations, nausea, confusion, me? after 3 days I get psychotic something that had never happened before. Major shakes, sweats. These symptoms make me run to the nearest pharmacy and get more. Generally the only reason I go off them is because I run out because of a dr reschedule, or some stupid insurance foul up, it is NEVER by choice. I take 350 ml daily and have for 7 yrs now, they do not work anymore, they cannot increase the dose too dangerous.  But the withdrawals  are so severe I just keep taking them.

This prompted me to ask my pharmacist if they were, in fact, addictive. I was told that technically they have recenty found out that yes,  it was, however since they were not the kind of drug that causes drug seeking behavoir  (in other words they do not get you high,) they do not fit the catagory under FDA standards for an addictive drug, even though they do cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

After that I called the FDA, they confirmed that they had gotten similar inquiries, but under their protocall for addictive drugs they do not fit.

I then called Wyth (the manufacturer) and they full addmitted that since thier initial trials they have found out that although they do not meet the criteria under FDA standards, in fact they do have severe withdrawal symptoms and could be considered addictive, that is if they got you high. They say they have added large warnings not to stop taking them all at once and to taper off, as well as some of the symptoms associated with stopping all at once.Indeed they have.

They quickl sent me tons of info, then wanted me to send permission to see my medical records (uh, I think not).

Personally I am so tired of being a human genuie pig that I have decided to taper off and try a holistic approch.

yeah I know my spelling is horrid no spell ck here, for those who go nuts about that sort of thing sorry, but I have always believed it is the content that counts, not the spelling in the long run.

For those of you that are having the same problems with this drug, get proactive and call Wyth. The more they hear from us about this problem, the more likely they will do something about it, like put a disclaimer on it telling us that it can be addictive. Especially in these litegeous days, how many times a day do the Larry Parkers of this world advertise about class actions regarding adverse effects of medications? I am sure they will do anything they can to avoid that. So make a call!!
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Wow!  Thanks for sharing this valuable and reliable information.  You should repost this every now and then because questions on effexor come up so much, in fact, could you copy and paste this onto the anxiety forum?  Effexor is talked about alot there too.  I would do the copy and pasting if I knew how : (

Thanks so much and good luck with the taper.  You know, I went off of Paxil and Remoran 4yrs ago and my depression only got better.  I don't know how old you are, but my theory is that for some people, they seem to grow out of their depression as they get older, especially if therapy is involved.  The best thing I ever did for myself was get off AD's

Take care....
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I am so glad to see this being shared here. I have my doubts as to whether or not this 'addictive' quality is intentional or not because of the big oxycotin issue a few years back where the manufacturer KNEW their pills were more addictive than anythingelse on the market because doctors were telling them so,, but they continued to sell it all the whle telling people it was LESS addictive than anything availble. Worse yet,, the FDA slapped them with a two million dollar fine,, which they GLADLY paid because the sale of their products up until that point were already well over several billion...

How come the pharms can get away with this?? Those who made crack certainly didnt get a fine they got JAIL TIME!

Everytime we take a brain chemical altering drug we are EXPERIMENTING with our bodies because every single person reacts to these meds differently.. and no pill will HEAL the mind,, they only cover up the pain and hopefully keep it under control as we try to work through the issues... but then to make them addictive so that the withdrawls are to painful to make getting off them possible... America should be horrified by this... type in SSRI psycosis into google... the results will SHOCK you if you havent seen how many violent crimes by previousely non-violent people have been committed.

BOTH the columbine boys were on brain chemical altering prescribed meds.. Andrea Yates was on Wellbutrin and anouther SSRI... the list goes on for days and we NEVER hear about that on the news.. at best we hear the person was on something for depression.. and its being hidden by the rich pharm corps who have their lobbiests hands in every congressmans pocket... makes me shake just thinking about it.

*bows with respect and apprication for the plight of everyone negatively effected by these medications*

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the latest news says the guy who did the high school shooting lastweek HAD BEEN on medication of some kind but supposedly had recently quit taking it... not sure if I believe that or not, but I find it ironic that every person was either on or supposed to be on psych meds...... that cant be a coinicendence.
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Jenn- I didn't know that about the Columbine boys. Hmm.. Interesting.

Anyway, I've read a lot about Effexor and withdrawl. Many people experience nausea and dizziness.

I also think it was on www.adverse-drug-reaction.net that I saw that many people experienced withdrawl effects. You can check that site for adverse reactions reported to the FDA- maybe you can find something about the drug being addictive.

Good luck =)
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When I was put on paxil I had a psychotic break (diagnosed at the mental hospital) that caused me to behave bizzarely.... I went into the basement of the apt. buildings I lived in and began flipping off everyones lights. They found me in the crawl space totally dillusional...and thats just the part Im wiling to share. Believe me,, psychosis from these meds is VERY real in some people.. so you believe what you want.. but I KNOW what I know. The way I behaved while on Paxil was COMPLETELY out of the norm for me before them or since...
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I actually did somthing while on paxil that caused the police an ambulance and two fire trucks to come and take me away... even then (this was 13 years ago) they knew it had something to do with the meds I was on and I was never charged for what happened BECAUSE of my mental state. So believe it or not, thats how badly some brains can react to the increase of seritonin that these meds cause.

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