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effexor withdrawal

i recently stopped taking EFFEXOR XR, and am having severe, flu-like symptoms, and "brain shocks". i am dizzy, and hearing weird noises, especially when i move my head. i have been reading up on this, and find these symptoms are quite common. does anybody know exactly what is the cause in the brain of the "shock" sensations? and are there any long-term effects of taking this drug? what can be taken to help alleviate the symptoms? i am having a hard time functioning......
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I had a lot of dizzy spells when I was coming off effexor.
I dont know how fast you are coming off of it but I would go very slow.  I was
also starting prozac at the same time so that may have helped me some.  I
hope you feel better soon,

best wishes,
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Everything you are going through is normal for withdrawal.  I must say you couldn't have found a better site for support in this.  Thank you everyone!  I am still suffering from the brain zaps and dizziness, but they are diminishing.  I have heard it can last up to three months depending on your dose.  I personally chose not to go on anything else while weaning off of the effexor, but some people have to.  What really helped me was acupuncture.  I never would have believed it, but I tried it and had amazing results!  The brain zaps were still there but lessened in intensity, the brain fog lifted completely and so did my depression.  It did come back after about 5 days, but after a second treatment I am doing well once again.
Good luck to you!
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