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effexor xr vs cymbalta

I am on effexor xr have been for a couple of years,i really cant afford it.i wanna switch to cymbalta,is there any difference between the two of them.i ran out of effexor and have some cymbalta and really need to take something.withdraws are kicking in.Any suggestion.i would really appreciate it.des
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These two drugs are totally different.  They work in different ways.  I would suggest calling your doc or a local hospital pharmacy to explain.  If it gets to bad have you doc paged.  That is what they get paid for.  Have you ever been on cymbalta before?
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They are both chronic pain anti-depressants drugs, both work on two different channels.  You don't know how it will effect you if you don't try...
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NO.I have never been on it before.but i know its working so far.See i just came here to florida my doc is in ny there isnt anything i can do till i get back to ny to see him.not much i can do but take the cymbalta
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