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effexor xr

how long does effexor take to work

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I am on Effexor.  I felt better after 4 weeks.
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With just about any type of med for these types of disorders it takes about 3 to 5 weeks for the medicine to start to show improvements in moods.
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thank you i appreciate your time in writing back to me.Were you on it at all, and what dosage?

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Depending on the person because everyone is different I was told on average it's 6 weeks.
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Your welcome if you need anymore help feel free to talk to me.  In the organization I work for wich works with mental illnesses, you generally start feeling the meds around the third week and the meds are completly in your system by 5.
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Hi, thank you for talking to me i am approaching 3 weeks on 150mg of effexor xr  today and not feeling much different. My moods are up and down and am stressed whether this is going to work at all.
This is my 4th lot of meds and i have counsiling weekly. I take it for anxiety which has been going on since May of 2011. So any input is fantastic.

Cheers all the way for Australia

Belinda x
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