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existential depressio

i've to accept the fact that i have a severe fear of death, and that i have developed depression. it really hurts and some nights i can barely stand it. upon looking into the problem, i've found that this occurs to people with a traumatic event or for gifted children. but i'm neither. i've had no occurance of traumitization, and i'm not gifted. so i was wondering how this could've happened to me. it doesn't entirely seem fair
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It is time to get some talk therapy to work out why you have such a fear of death. Death is nothing to be afraid of .it is the next step. Were you raised in a christian housewith lots of hell and damnation sermons? Jesus wasnt about that at all and I dont know why it is continually dinned into us all the time. if you want to talk some more I will listen.
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I understand where ur coming from...I don't know why I feel like that either, and mine is just recently developed...and i don't know y.
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Maybe you have to get to the root of why you have this fear of death.  That would probably require therapy.

When I was a child, my mother didn't punish me by grounding me or other more appropriate forms of discipline - she told me I was going to die.  That was her way of punishing me, by telling me I was going to die.  My entire existance has been negatively influenced by this.  My father did nothing to stop it.   It is a HORRIBLE way to feel.  I can honestly relate to how much it hurts and the anguish it must cause you.

In my "unexpert" opinion, once you find the cause you can begin to work on dealing with it.  It won't be easy, therapy is work.  I've been working on this issue with my therapist and medicine woman.  Can really relate to how you feel.


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I probably know where my depression is coming from - I'm gifted, and something traumatic happened to me. (I posted it in my journal a few minutes ago.)
I hate it. I'm usually trying to be an optimist and cheer everyone up, but sometimes I'm so depressed I don't even want to talk to anyone and want to go curl up in a corner and read.
Reading is my way of (temporarily) escaping my problems. I have a very good imagination, and when I'm reading, I feel like I'm in the story. I lose track of time and forget all my worries. The hardest thing is putting the book down.
Other times, I get pretty ticked off at myself for being depressed and if I try hard enough, I can get over it and finally be my oh-so-random self. (I'm never over it for very long, but when I am, it's great!)
I just tell myself, "Don't let this stupid depression ruin your life! You're better than that! Come on, you can do this! Just get over it! When you're depressed, it puts everyone else in a bad mood! Don't ruin it for them!"
Listening to funny or happy sounding music also helps~
Maybe you can try it out?
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