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eyelid rash, please help.

I recently (past 2 months) have noticed that I had a little rash on my right eyelid.  Its a little bumpy, red in color, and flaky.  I thought that it could be because of the cream I put on my face but it is only on my right eyelid.  This morning I woke up and it is swollen slighly as well.  Recently I have been diagnosed with depression and high anxiety disorder and I have been quite stressed out lately.  I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  I'm starting to get nervous about it.  Please help, thanks so much.
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Go see a doctor about the rash. I don't know anyone with Anxiety as bad as I have and I never broke out in a rash due to it.

It's probably just a minor skin erritation or fungus. Probably no a big deal, but get it looked at by a regular doctor and get it treated.

Let your GP handle the rash, let your Psychiatrist handle the Depression and anxiety.
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Hi, Ladybird.  i noticed your note about an eyelid rash and i have one too pretty much exactly the same... just in case you haven't got it under control, thought i would give you some advice on what i have done...  Also i too suffer from anxiety and are easily depressed and i find when i am highly stressed it flares up
Pretty much, a stressed and tired body will cry out for help, so it usually goes, you get a rash from stress, you see the rash and don’t know what to do about it so you stress out more which makes it worse.  So its really important to try doing some yoga or meditation on a daily basis to give your body time to rest, and while you are deeply breathing, focus on your eyelid and imagine your body fixing and repairing the area. (sounds rediculous i know but it works for me :)
 water should be lukewarm always... going from hot to cold to hot isn’t good for it either.
 -decrease processed sugar in ur diet, and up the vegetables
 dont wash the area and when you get out of the shower, make sure its dry and dab on a tiny bit of rosehip oil.  do this when ever it looks flaky or just every morning and night

Hope all is well! i know how much it *****, good luck - let me know how u go :), from Emily
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