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fish oil and mood disorders

so i did thorough research and also working with my nutritionalist and she mentioned to me if i start taking a daily supplement of fish oil combined with efa and DHA of a dose of 3000 mg and increase the dosage of EFA eventually that it will help with the control of your moods and help the chemical imbalancement of the nerotransmitters. it supposingly will help with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and several other physical conditions. i was fascinated with what i learned. it pays to research and learn. i am always game for the more natural way to do things than drugs.

what i want to know is what is a higher safe dosage of the EFA supply?? i am taking 3000 mg of the combined EFA and DHA now but she told me the higher dose of EFA will increasingly help with the mood issues.

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What you will want is the EPA. EPA is found in the fish oil, it helps with mood and brain function. DHA is less needed but is still good for the brain. I think 3000mg of EPA is a good amount but you will need to ask your doctor or professional for the amount. I don't think you can ever have to much. I am on 6 grams of fish oil but with only has 2grams of EPA in the 6 grams of fish oil i take. Its important to make sure your fish oil does not have mercury in it other wise you can get heavy metal poisoning.  

Hope this makes sense: if not please feel free to ask me .

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thanks a bunch i am reading the bottle and i know it says 2 tsp a day with meal and total amount of omega 3 will equal 3000 mg but iif i take 2 tsp of the epa it will come to about 1600 mg so would you say either buy a higher dosage item of the epa and stop the one i am doing?? i am doing the liquid form version.. also do you know how soon it usually takes for the brain or body to respond to the omega 3 supplement. thanks for the help..

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hi how do you know if it contains mercury . i love eating tuna and taking the omega 3 and dont need mercury poisoning.
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Your welcome. Well the more EPA the better, so if you want more EPA then yes buy a different one, I am not 100% sure how you tell if it has Mercury in it or not, maybe in should say on the bottle, but i guess it might not sure. I buy Usana fish oil and i know its a good brand and does take the Mercury out, my suppler has told me it does. It also contains vitamin D as it is needed to absorb the fish oil properly. Now how long it takes to work is different to everyone and depends on the issue etc. I would say between 3 to 6 months, i know that sounds like a long time but i find it is defiantly a long term thing, some poeple say they see effect as long as 2 weeks, so depends on you. I haven't tried the liquid version does it taste nice? I know some people have issues with the taste and getting a fishy after taste, can say i have that problem with the stuff i am on. Just wondering about yours? Where are you buying it from? You maybe able to ask them for more information about the mercury.

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Also just add, normally the ones with out mercury cost a bit more, so that could be an good way to see, though not always.
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