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generic for Wellbutrim

Has anyone successfully switched from Wellbutrin to bupropion successfully?.  I am taking Wellbutrim 300mg XL once a day and would like to switch to the generic because of the large difference in price.  I thought maybe I could take the generic 2X a day.  I have heard of some bad stories of people who have switched and the generic was not as effective for them.
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I switched to buproprion (450mg/day) a couple of years ago without a problem.
I have no doubt that others will comment that they found the generic to be less effective.
My recommendation would be to follow the advice of your doctor. If she/he said to try it, then do it and don't pay any attention what others my tell you of their experiences.
We are all different and we have no way to know if what happens to someone else has any relationship to what will happen to us.

Best of luck to you.....Mike
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