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glutamate, serotonin, dopamie? What meds to take?

I have been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety and put on Lamictal and Lexapro. I think lamictal works really good for me. I feel calm and able to concentrate. Lexapro on the other hand is making me feel sick. I experience all of the side effects. I tried to research about these meds and I know that Lexapro mechanism of action is based on SSR but I am not quite sure what lamictal does. Some meds affect the serotonin levels, other the dopamine and glutamate. I just watched a video about bipolar and there was an interesting aspect on Sedating GABAergic vs Activating/Antiglutamatergic meds. I find it quite interesting as they claim that the GABA ones are associated with weight gain whether the antiglutamatergic ones with weight loss. A lot of patients are concerned with weight gain so I think this is something to look forward to.
Anyway, I was wondering if every medications acts on different neurotransmitter how do you know what type of neurotransitter is the most appropriate to be altered?  
Is Lamictal antiglutamatergic?
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in the last 6 weeks i have found a psychiatrist and started experimenting with different anti depressants etc. because i was feeling so bad for several months.

my opinion today is that no-oe has any idea how any drug will effect any person, the only way to know how a drug will effect you is to try it for a few days, if you feel better continue, if you dont then stop.

in the last 4 weeks ive tried 2 popular anti ds (cymbalta and effexor) both made me feel sick, now im trying seroquel (anti- psychotic) and prozac, and i feel quite good.

hopefully a couple months on these pills and i can quit ?

no way anyone can test to see what will work for us, just gotta try em and see?
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i have studied neurotransmitters alot. dopamine, seratonin, epinephrine are all altered in the brain when you become bipolar, depressed etc. what out though some may work great but have a really bad withdraw from them. honestly you really cant alter just one without effecting all.
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