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good news for those suffering from depression

hi, i am also a depression patient suffering from years ,recently statred medication,i was very sucidal but after attending a course of healing i am feeling much better and sucidal thoughts are completely subsided, (though i am using antidepressants also, i feel the healing has contributed more for my recovery), i know how terrible life seems with depression thats the reason i am sharing it with u all, however it depends on ur individual belief too.......... the details are ...............
Its called as shivyog, i got healed on a crystal bed, the guru heals for aperiod of 10-15 days 2-3 hrs per day, you can see tremendous change within 5 days only, the main thing is it is given in india, but if anybody is intrested i can find out from my guru if they have any branches outside india, i can also give his contact number so that u can know the process in detail.
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Very interesting. How much does it cost and how long have they done this type of thing? How did you happen to be in India?
I have a request, for your reply to be in proper English. I can't interpret lots of what you wrote or at least it would take a long time, and imagine lots of others have the same problem, so it would be a service to all if you took a few minutes to make it readable.
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Actually I guess there isn't much interpretation involved since you only used a few of those annoying shortcuts. (I had trouble with your earlier post though, and am interested in what you have to say.)
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no offense, but you've got to be kidding me.

The power of the mind is an incredible thing, but thinking one is healed by a "crystal bed"? So how much did you pay for this?

I have my BA in Anthropology, and there are several studies of temporary healings because of placebo's whether they be a shaman or guru. . It's called the placebo affect, if you think it will work it will. The effect is not permanent. I am thinking either you are hypomanic or your meds are kicking in.

Euphoria is a classic sign of hypomania, which is part of Bipolar, for whatever reason, like your "crystal bed" triggered a hypomanic event, hence you feel healed. Just be very careful as you said you've been suicidal in the past. Crashes from the manic to the depressive stages can be more severe and dangerous. If at any time you feel out of control or your suicidal ideations come back, please go to the ER, they will come back, it's just a matter of when.
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  Well its complex because as you are from India its part of your culture. Although I agree with what everyone is saying and it has no basis whatsoever in western medicine you can't take a practice out of the context of culture. I know someone from Haiti who practices Voudon (Voodoo) and that's part of her culture. I don't believe in it but I have to respect it. As well if you look at the back of the DSM-4 they have psychiatric disabilities that are known specifically in other cultures but within western medicine don't exist.
  The important thing is if its a cultural practice then its something that gives you relief. Prayer is of no scientific benefit but its part of western religion. Science can't explain everything (even for myself as a non believer, I have some interest in Buddhism and will use guided meditation to have my mind be free of negative energy, scientifically that's of no value except as a relaxation technique). But here's the important part. You were almost going to undergo ECT at the last post and now a jump to this. That concerns me more. Stay on the anti-depressents you were given, from what we had suggested ECT is not at all neccessary at this point and realize that although what you did may relax you it did not heal you. Depression is biochemical but you still have a right to your belief systems as do we all.
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The only practise that actually seems to have some healing properties is ayurvedic therapies, but they seem to only work on certain things. The belief is that some energy is out of place, and they try to rebalance that. If it works that's great, and I respect any culture that's been practising such practical homeopathic treatments for over 3000 yrs. Some herbs have as much healing properties are allopathic (western medicine). The problem is that depression is such a complex issue, and a person can also have more then one type of depression. Regardless, all of the treatments are herb/plant based not crystal beds. One of my mum's friends ran off to India for treatment of breast cancer to see a Guru, she thought it would heal her. Alas she's at stage 3 now, and prognosis is not good.
Please stay on your meds, maybe the combination will work longterm. I do hope so, but I wouldn't tell folks to go to India for a miracle cure.
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If something contributes to your recovery it is fantastic.  Do not let anyone knock it.
I have heard people say they feel 'great' after taking their first anti depressant, when in reality/theoretically this is not possible.  So what if it is in the mind?  Maybe that is exactly where it needs to be.  

Western medicine so great?? I dont know.  I had 3 natural births (ouch, big headed babies!) + one with accupuncture, so easy............Here in Austria they use these remedies alongside the western medicine.

So dont rule anything out, we dont know it all.  Those people putting it down should really open their minds.  Who knows what is in the crystals or how lying on them effects your thought processes.  Maybe it is the meditative aspect or something more?

I know pressing pressure points can stop nausea.  Who knows?

Thank you for sharing that with us
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