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help Lexapro

Well some already know my issues others dont. But Dr started me on Lexapro and now I feel worse. I have taken it before about 4 years ago and did not feel this way. My thoughts are alot stronger now. Suggestion or thoughts besides stop taking them?
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see your doc and maybe get your dosage adjusted .You might be on too much but will do better at a lower dose.
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Lexapro makes me feel worse too
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First, I would say to taper down or discontinue taking it. I have heard of others with this same problem. I don't understand it but I used to be allergic to poison ivy and now I am not. Our physiology changes as we age.

Second, Please do thorough research on SSRI's. Also I posted on this forum earlier about my personal experience, labaled"Lexapro" You may want to read it.

2 good questions to ask your doctor: What is the normal serotonin level in the brain and what does an SSRI do within the brain and nervous system. My neurologist had no answer to these question nor did any other professional. This makes me wonder why these meds are being prescribed like they are candy.

good luck.
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