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help please

i am 32 and i feel irritable all the time , i feel angry and unhappy all the time and this is effecting my social and family life too . i hv a autistic son who is 4 years old and i too hv some med problems like eye floaters . because of all this i had to leave a good job my finance are falling . My wife and friends feels bad about my irritable behaviuor . i feel dipressed and broken . can any one suggest any thing for me plz
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Hi it sounds like your going through a hard time. Have you spoke to your gp about the way your feeling they could send you to get a bit of counselling

Things will get better and your not alone in this battle keep fighting and stay strong
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You have a lot to deal with, but your anger and unhappiness may be depression.  You state you feel depressed, so I suspect you are.  The best thing to do is see a psychiatrist as they are best at determing if you are truly depressed, helping you learn coping skills, and prescribing medication if need be.  There is no reason for you to feel this way when there is so much help for you.  Know you're not alone in your struggles, and many of us here have and are dealing with these same feelings.  There are things that happen in life which can just get you "down" or send you into a depression. The loss of a job can definitely cause depression.  Seek the help of a psychiatrist and go from there.  It sounds like you have a loving wife and friends who care, this means a lot.
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