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hia i am on venlafaxine, i been on it for a while, it normaly helps me, but 4 the last fewweeks i been feeling really good, but now i feel ill all the time and suicidal , and also my nan has got bipolar, i was wondering if it runs in the family?
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You may want to switch that generic Venlafaxine to Effexor XR and perhap talk to you doc about adding Lithium. Good thing about Lithium is even if you don't have Bi-polar, it will still help a lot as an add on medication for your Effexor XR.

Generic Venlafaxine has no sustained release properties to it. This can pose a problem because it has such a short half life as atidepressants go.

making the switch to Effexor XR and adding Lithium should make a world of difference.
Effextive dosages of Lithium are between 600 to 1200Mgs a day. Blood work will be needed to find your proper level. Blood level needs to be between 0.8 to 1.5 in order for Lithium to even work.
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Hi, I live in England and my doctor gave me no choice but put me on to generic Venlafaxine.  Now reading Hensley's reply, I am worried it will not help me.  I was told it was exactly the same as Effexor XR.  I was on Effexor XL before.  I don't know what the difference is.  Hensley knows so much about drugs.  I know nothing, just trust my doctor to put me on one he thinks will help me.  Didn't know I could ask him to put me on the proper drug not the generic.  Worth looking for a site to tell you if  your problem runs in families.  I am 68 and the first in my family to ever have depression.  
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Let me clairify. Venlafaxine is the exact same active chemical that is in Effexor XR.
The difference is (and this is a huge difference when were talking Venlafaxine) that Effexor XR is an extended release formula. This is where the "XR" terminology comes from. Meaning Extended Release.

The Generic Venlafaxine has no Extended release properties to it such as Effexor XR.

The reason it helps to have this Extended release action in the name brand Effexor XR is because as antidepressants go Venlafaxive has a pretty short half life. That just in simple terms means that it's active effectivness fades faster than many antidepressants that do not need an extended release action.

This is why Effexor XR is made with a slow release formula. This keep a steady flow of the drug in the system and reduces spikes and hard drops between dosages.

One way around this with Venlafaxine is that you could for example take half your daily dosage twice a day. (You see what I mean?) so lets say your doc prescribed you 150Mgs of Venlafaxine a day. Then you could break that tab in half and take one in morning and one around 4:00pm. Thus effectivly keeping a steady stream of the medication in your body.

I just say Effexor XR is better because it does that for you and you need not worry about it.

You also need to check if Generic Effexor XR is avalible in your area of the world. I heard that the patent was up and this means that it should be avalible in a generic formula that is the same as Effexor XR. If not then you doctor should have no problem writing you a script for the name brand Effexor XR. Just call him and say "hello doc, thatks for the generic Venlafaxine, but I prefer name brand Effexor XR."

He should have no problem with this at all. Same drug slightly different release action.
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Hi, I switched from Effexor XR to Venlafaxine ER (extended release) - this is available in the generic form.  I live in switzerland though so maybe it isn't available in the UK yet as this was only available to me at the beginning of 2009 when the patent was up.  I had the same problems with both Effexor and Venlafaxine so my psychiatrist added Wellbutrin extended release and this eased the symptoms significantly as I was also feeling depressed and suicidal. This made me feel better for a while and then these meds seemed to stop working - I am in still in the process of "mixing and matching" medications. But I found no significant difference between the Effexor and Venlafaxine.  If it's not working when you have given it time to work then go back to your doctor and insist the meds aren't working.  even if he can give you something to ease the symptoms temporarily, this will give you time to get used to the meds.
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That's the drug I was trying to find words for. It's like a generic Effexor XR.

I'm not sure if it's avalible in the United States yet so a little research would have to be done on that. Pfizer took over Weith several months ago (Weith were the makers of Effexor XR) now Pfizer has a death grip on Effexor and is doing everything they can to keep a generic out of the states. I hate Pfizer USA because they use underhanded tactics here in the States to keep generic companies from producing their product after patent experation. They even go as far as to pay off companies that may potentaly want to make their generic.

They have done this with Viagra also. A 10 year old drug and still no generic in the US because Pfizer strong arms companies that wish to make their product equivelent even after patent experation. Their like the damn Mafia here in the states.
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The generic form of Effexor I am on is ViaPax XL, and after nearly four weeks I am getting worse.  Doctor came to see me today.  Got meds for anxiety, palpitations etc.  What is the point of being worse after this time?
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Are you from the UK Maddie? If so then that explains the ViaPax XL.

Scratch what I said earlier because I thought you said you were taking streight Venlafaxine which is not sustained release. ViaPax XL is.

How long have you been taking this drug? As I recall ViaPax is not avalible in the US which explains why I wasn't completly familiar with it.

Have you been able to contact your doctor about the side effects your having with this drug? (I know they can be hard to reach most the time)

Maddie, It may simply be that this just isn't the drug for you. For example I can not take Cymbalta or I get the same issues your having. Funny thing is that I can take Venlafaxine with no problem. Were all different in that respect.

Often times as your body adjusts to any new medication the side effects can fade but if it's already been 6 weeks then thats long enough for you to know if it's going to work for you.

Since your on an SNRI, I will assume your doctor has already tried you on an SSRI? If that's true then what SSRI did you try before ViaPax?
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I was on Effexor XL before, 150mg.  Started on ViePax 75mg until my body gets used to it, then probably go up to 150mg.  I did very well on Effexor before.  No problems at all.  I will stick with it, as it suited me before. Here in UK don't have a choice but to go on generic.  I was on Sertraline in the past, and I know Prozac does not suit me, as I had terrible side effects.  Will stick with this one.  Hope fluffy finds relief soon.  
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If you were previously on 150mg and they switched you to 75mg of the other one, you may be experiencing withdrawal from the original Effexor.  This could cause the increased anxiety.  Unless I'm missing something.  I'm not sure why they couldn't switch you directly to the new drug at 150.  Unless, you weren't on anything and you're working your way up?
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