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It's no surprise that I'm unsatisfied with the results of making this profile and revealing my sadness to whomever may be on the other side... That's pretty much what I expected. But it is certainly interesting to me that comments on my first post here left me feeling like I needed to seek help.... And then after asking how one finds help, I got nothing.. Days later I made a new post asking once again if anyone had any suggestions on where to start when someone finally decides to come out about possibly having depression, again I got no response... So, its safe to say I don't expect a reply to this, but still I wonder, do only teenage kids with caring, understanding, probably wealthy parents get the help that a depressed person needs? Or is there any hope for me? Cuz I'm just not sure what I should do anymore, all I know is I felt way better about all this before I even came to medhelp.
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Hello,i am 21...i was in depression fr all most 2 years...i have recovered alot...bt still nt completely....had so many troubles in past...ll you plz tell me....why u r gng thru depression....why u feel sad...??...and dun think negative dear...we all r here to help you...to cheer u up...to share ur problems...jst b optimistic towards life....and do reply my questions..
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Hey, I'm sorry you some how got missed before it would never be in intentional ( I haven't been around for a little while but it won't happen again ;;-)
I haven't seen your previous posts that I will once I've finished writing this to you..
While I don't suffer with.straight forward depression, I have bipolar disorder, my depressions tend to be nasty so hopefully I qualify to answer by default ;-
Dealing with depression isn't just a pull yourself together type of illness because sometimes it becomes impossible to function normally ( whatever normal is that is?!?   Your daily life starts to be affected and if a depressive is left untreated  it can take over your life completely.
Depression is more than feeling down,  it's a constant heaviness that weights you down,  a deep sadness you just can't pull yours out off, you can start avoiding friends and family and eventually at it's worst depression will stop you socialising completely.
What are you struggling with at present?  How much are these feelings affecting your life at the moment?
You mentioned that you were left with the feeling after your previous posts that getting help might be a good idea,  that's somewhere to start.
Are any family aware that you are having problems recently? That is a good place to start. As a mum of a teenager who also has bipolar aswell having an illness myself gave me advantages parents without an illness don't have at their disposal.
I will leave it there and see if you return and answer
Until then take care.
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Don't allow the other comments to make you feel worse.  Few people really understand how debilitating depression can be, and even less that even have a clue to how it makes us feel.  It can make life difficult and unrewarding, especially when it comes to enjoying times with friends and family.  

Don't expect anyone that has not experienced depression to know how you feel.  Genuine empathy for depression is rare.  Anti-depressants do work, and with the right therapist they work even better.  Not all of us need therapy, but most do, even if it is only to have someone to freely talk about how you are feeling.  It can be cathartic and enable you to feel more secure with what you are feeling.  Good luck and stay well. You're not alone.  Write back anytime to let me know how you are doing.
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I am so sorry you feel medhelp has let you down because people did not answer your first question.  Believe me we care about everyone who posts here, and I apologise if you feel rejected by us.  We really are caring, helpful people.  Everyone, whoever they are, deserve help.  Not just children of wealthy parents.

Can you tell us a bit more.  Like what have your parents said about your depression?  What has your doctor prescribed?  

You really are not alone as long as you have friends here.  We all care about each other, and that includes you.
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I will echo the sentiments of the others.  I too am sorry your initial posts got missed.  Sometimes that happens.  We're all just fellow members like you, so sometimes there are many people around, answering questions, and other times, it's quiet with not many people around.  

The other thing is, if you happened to post on a fairly busy bay, with lots of other threads being posted, yours may have gotten bumped to the second page. Once that happens, not too many people see it.  My point is, we would never intentionally ignore someone.  I'm sorry you didn't get the warm welcome we always like to give.

Depression is a tough one.  Like another poster above mentioned, if someone hasn't experienced it for themselves, they have NO idea what it is like.  A lot of people don't have empathy for peopel with depression, because they view it more of a behavioral issue, or personality trait, and they don't understand why we can't just "shake it off", or "get over it".  Ah, if only it were that easy, right?

You're among people here who understand.  That's what makes a forum like this so nice.  You know your questions are going to be answered by people who have lived it.  You will get lots of support and encouragement, and info here.

What kinds of treatment approaches have you tried?  Meds?  Therapy?  How long have you had depression?  Do you have a decent support system in your life?  When you feel ready, please fill us in about "you".  We would like to get to know you, hear about how depression has affected you...what things have made it better, what has made it worse...anything and everything you want to talk about.  When we have a better picture of you, it's usually a lot easier for us to make some suggestions.

I'm the community leader of this forum, which just means I kind of oversee the forum, making sure everything is okay, people who are in crisis get the help they need, make sure posts are being answered as best as we can.

Please feel free to contact me via PM anytime if you have any questions, either about the site, or anything else.  I try to answer my PMs as quickly as possible.  Once you get used to navigating the site, I think you'll just love it.  There is just so much to offer here.  SO many different forums, all kinds of tools, like journals, status updates (a way to make a short statement to your friends on MH), there are trackers were you can track anything from moods, weight, meds, pain...etc.  They are great!  There are experts on the expert side, there are health pages which include lots of articles about almost every topic you can imagine.  There are the "notes", which are my personal fave.  You can send notes to people, just to say hi, thank you, welcome, get well....whatever.  They appear on your profile page.  They add a real nice personal touch to the place, I think.  Just take your time, look around, and feel free to ask any questions you have.

Again, I'm so sorry your threads got missed.  I can assure you that isn't the norm.  We welcome everyone with open arms.  I'm really glad you're here, and really hope you don't let your entrance to the site give you a negative impression of MedHelp.  I'm so glad you posted again, and just didn't walk away!  Stick around,I think you'll love it like so many of us do.  I've been here since 2008.

Hang in there...wishing you the best!
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