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how do i get off effexor

I have been taking effexor for 7 yrs and have been able to bring it down to 37.5. Can a compounding pharmacy not make pills that are 36.5, then 35.5, then 34.5.......until I am able to be without them. Fran
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Hi Fran
I came off this evil drug cold turkey it was the Dr's fault and boy did I suffer but now 12 months on I feel like I'm getting the real me back. But I am sensitized to stress as your brain has been switched off for so long and has damaged your system.
So about you, you've done well to get down to 37.5, you can get effexor in liquid form if your Dr would prescibe it, but it's more expensive so they may not be keen to do that ??
I am in a support group called CITA they are on the web they are fantastic wonderful people and they help people coming off anti-depressants, tranquillisers, drugs. We are infact addicts after two months.
You could cut your tablets into quarters and do it that way, what you do is reduce on one day of the week by a quarter then the other days have the normal 37.5 as your brain does not like sudden changes. To do it slowly do the one quarter for three weeks then on the fourth reduce 1 quarter on two days spread out eg a Monday and a Saturday, the same again for 3 weeks. If it gets too painful stay at what your up to for longer till you feel abit better and start again untill you get to the end remember slowly and steadily so you can function ok is best its like the hare and the tortoise but you will get there !!!!
Take care and tell me how your getting on !!
Lorraine xx
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I dont think they can,you can however yourself cut pills in halves or quarters if you want.Ask the pharmacy first but I think there is no problem with doing that.Lily
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