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how do i help myself?

hi, i am 18 and since i have been 13, my life has just been unbearable. i cry almost every night, every year i push away more people because to me it seems as if there really isn't someone out there that i can trust. i don't want to kill myself but it has crossed my mind and i have tried to fight it but i really don't know my purpose here on life. i feel used, useless, unhappy. how do i get over this?
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What were you like before you hit puberty?  Those hormones are really wrecking havoc on you.  Please find a doctor who can help you.  There are many therapists who are affordable that can help you.  I had PMS for several years before I had kids and it about drove me over the edge.  That is one possibility,  Life is too short to stay depressed like that.  Please seek help, I promise it will help.  If the first doctor or therapist does not help, keep looking sometimes the fit is not good but do not give up!!

My daughter had really bad anxiety for most of her teen years.  At 26 she started doing yoga and it has made all the difference for her.  you might consider that.  


At the very least it will give you new people to interact with.  I have found that most yoga teachers are very special and can be trusted to only want to help.  
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Get to a counselor pronto and tell your doctor how you are feeling. Sounds like depression and that can be treated.
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