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i am abnormally scared about death

i am 26 years male and i dont know whats wrong with me but i am always scared about death.if i have any health problem than i imagine it might be cancer or some other very dangerious disease and keep searching information about it on internet.it is really hard for me to concentrate in anything and i am always worried about it. if this continuous i think i will go mad please help
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Hi there! I used to be just like you back in 2002 right after my
father passed away. I still battle from panic/anxiety... Its hard to live this way,, but best recommendation is to seek help now, before your mental state gets worse.
best of luck
thank you for suggestion.
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Are you able to see a therapist?
nope, I tried to go but something from inside says "don't go it will only make worse, by going to therapist you are accepting that there is something wrong with you"
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You need to get to the root of your problem. There is a reason you're fearing death. Is it because you are scared of what might come after, is it because you don't want to leave the people you love, etc. Think about it. Sometimes thinking about things is enough. Therapists try to stimulate your thought process which is the reason for all the hard questions they ask. So you can try it yourself, or if not, see a therapist.
the main thing I'm afraid to die is because there is no one to look after my mom if something happened to me.
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