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i get depressed when i have no one to talk to

ok ive had depression for a while now but i never thought it would get this bad so i have austism (aspergers) add adhd and ive noticed when i get depressed ill do crazy things such as defriend people and a few hours later feel bad then readd them bc i have a xbox and i do that idk why and when i cant talk to some one on xbox or my computer i get really depressed and defriend them then as ive said ill readd them and there like why did you do that and idk why one time it was so bad bc my car got bad outter tierods and when they said it would be expensive to replace i lost it i kicked my car and left and almost got into a reck leaving the store and that night i removed my licence plate and deflatted my tires to insure i couldnt use my car bc i was saying im going to walk to school bc i wanted to sell it but we didnt and im using it now so i have this new med as well to help me think about saying something i might regret and it some what helping but idk there talking about sending me to a metal hospital to get treatment but idk what i should do and i did this before i got the new meds so is it a medical issue or something else please help me its making my family go crazy and ive already lost 2 of my best friends and i only have a couple real life friends
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How long have you been on the new meds? I'm asking because it can take awhile for them to start working.
It sounds to me like you're getting aggravated and mad instead of depressed.
Are you in therapy? If not, I recommend it because it can really help with all kinds of issues.
If you only have one really good friend that's a wonderful thing. You have two so that's even better.
You can always come here to Medhelp if you want to talk to someone. We may not have all the answers but it's good to know you have people to talk to when you're feeling down, upset or mad.
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try mediation.
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