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i got some really good tips ....

Yesterday from one of my posts I had a response from a very nice person who made some suggestions. I was suggested to everyday make a goal of completing one task. Starting small always feels less overwhelming.  So like today my goal task is to vacuum the front room and hallway.  And as embarrassing this is to share ive really stopped caring about my hygene.  I start crying everytime I admit that. And PEOPLE this is the first time ive admitted it!!  So my daily goal is to try and shower. There are times I don't shower for sometimes 10 days. I'm so disgusted, but with a big sigh, its true. I'm afraid to make a goal that ill shower everyday cuz I know ill fail. If anyone else has any other tips and tools for handling my so called life DAMN I'd. Appreciate it!!  Signed alone hiding under the covers today.
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Well, then start smaller.  Give yourself a goal to shower every other or every third day.  On the days in between, get a wash cloth and wipe those parts that need cleaning.  Frankly, I do not shower or bathe everyday.  I feel every other day is fine.  Unless for some reason, I need to due to an unusually hot or sweaty day.  Some people feel they have to wash their hair everyday.  I don't.  Frankly, I think we bathe way too often.  Do you have a bathtub??  Maybe you should consider it a treat to bathe.  Get a candle that you like, get some lovely smelling bubbles and soak in a warm or hot tub.  Make it an event.  Treat yourself instead of thinking it is a chore.
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Hi,  I really liked what you posted. And I totally see bathing as a chore. But I know everytime I get into the shower I feel GREAT!!!  Its just getting in there.  But then there are times that I shower everyother day. But again thanks for your input.    :+)
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TY, I hope it helped a little!
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