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i guess i am not explaining myself right.

everyone wants me to get out party and have fun fall in love and go on happily with my life.  It is not like that.  I am sick.  I have a headache bad.  loud noises hurt more. bright lights hurts more.  when I walk very far.  I have dizzy spells I break out in a cold sweat and it is so bad water runs down my neck and my face.  I have to sit down.  I was with my best friend.  we were in big lots.  I was just fine.  she was looking for a card and I was looking foe a birthday party.  I told her I felt funny.  she said I was staring at  her and I just fell gently to the floor.  I got back up and said I really don't feel good.  and out I went again.  I started to get up again and I felt a hand on my shoulder and he put me in a wheel chair,  she said I passed out 3 times.  she took me home and we never went shopping again.  I love her she is a dear friend.  during the evenings  my headaches get worse.  nothing helps it I have taken 2 tylenol no effect.  I took 2 benedril in case it is a sinus headache.  no help.  I walk very far my legs ache and I get so tired I can hardly stand. the back of my neck is always hot and stiff and hurts.  I don't feel like walking 5 0r 6 miles to the library.  I would not even make it down the block.   I am sick.  no one wants to believe me.  I am tired of all the pain nausea and the acid reflux.  I don't feel like being around anyone.  it is embarrassing.  who would want a friend that cant do anything they are sick and don't feel like it.  far as being in love again never could I ever love anyone like my hubby.  I will not betray him.  don't feel like eating most of the time.  I stay nauseated most of the time.  right now I am sick my head is busting.  took two benedril pills and a pain pill I am still sitting here.  mo relief. I have had no food or drink all day.  thanks for trying to make me young again but it just not me. I am sick.  mandy876
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You have to force yourself to take in some kind of nutrition or will get even sicker. Have you ever tried Boost drinks or anything like that? They seem to be easy on the stomach and are loaded with vitamins.
Are you getting your blood pressure checked on a regular basis? If it's high or low that can cause you to feel weak and even pass out.
Have you had any blood work done lately? You should have everything checked.
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all my blood tests were good. I have boost in my refrigerator now.  my blood pressure is alright.  I have had all my check ups but no ones finds anything  everyone seems to think I am not sick nothing is wrong.  wish we could switch and let them feel how much I hurt. maybe then they would listen to me and work on finding out what the problem is. mandy876
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how am I to get to those places to meet people.  I have no car.  we have no buses.  I cant walk that for to the library or the senior citizen club is even further away.  tammy only wants to go to the store or walmarts.  nothing interesting there/ some very weird some times.  mandy876 oh does any one want to buy me a gas efficient  car.  I cant.
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I'm wondering if you have senior service where you live. They come pick you up on a bus or van and if you need a wheelchair they will provide that too. I'm not sure who you would call to find out about that. I'll see if I can find out. I think it would be great if you could get together with other people.I'll have to ask my Mom because I do know in her town that have that kind of service for seniors.
Ha ha! I have to agree with you. Walmart can be very boring. I only try to go when I really need to.
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Do you take any acid reflux medication like Protonix?  If so, maybe you need to take them morning and night instead of just once a day.  Also, do you have any anti-nausea meds like Zofran?  Both of these are by prescription, so talk to your doctor about them.  I take Protonix every day and Zofran almost every day. And if you are feeling anxious about getting out, perhaps you can talk to your doctor about that as well.  And if you didn't try to keep your anti-depressant low, raising it could help your pain. They are natural pain killers.  I also take an anti-depressant every day.  Just a few things to consider so that you don't feel so bad.

And yes, you should look into a senior ride service.  Can't blame you for not warming up to stores and Walmart. Call the city or county to find out about transportation for seniors.  They not only pick you up and take you to where you want to go, but are very cheap.
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I take omeprazole dr 20mg.  I am so sorry for my reaction to your remark.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I am not myself at all.  I just feel so down I guess talking about the good days has brought back what all I am missing.  hope you accept my apology and agree to be my friend.  mandy876
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Thank you so much for what you just wrote to me.  You have always been my friend.  I'm glad that you are including me in your friends.  

That's good that you are taking Omeprazole (Prilosec).  Are you aware of other things to do for your acid reflux which include taking the Omeprazole about 20-30 minutes before eating your first meal of the day?  Also try not to eat before going to bed and elevate the head of your bed.  If you're not able to, that's okay.  Just some possible things to improve it.  

To be nauseated most of the time, that's rough.  Make sure that you only take your anti-depressant with food.  And if your stomach gets too empty, then your stomach can get upset.  So then, just drink a little bit of milk or eat a little bit of food.  If that doesn't help, tell your doctor.  There are anti-nausea pills that I take almost daily due to my migraines.  

Hope that you can get more relief with your physical problems.
Your friend, Sara
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P.S. to my previous posting.  I clicked on accept to your friend invitation, but then it didn't say that it had added you.  And when I clicked on my friends, you weren't on the list.  Could you tell me how to invite you as a friend, so that I'm sure to have you as a friend?  I was too dumb to figure it out.  Thanks.
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thank you I will send you aninvite just accept it.  thank you this means so much to me.
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And it means a lot to me too.
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you are on my list of friends.  I clicked to add you and it said you were already my friend.  thank you soooo much.  mandy876
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I see that now. It must have worked.  Thank you too.
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