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i think i’m going crazy

i don’t know what’s happening anymore, the voices in my head keep getting louder and louder and controlling me, and i feel like i’m never safe and i can never escape them. nothing seems logical anymore, and i just want to kill myself so they can shut up for just one second and i can finally get some peace and quiet. i don’t feel safe anywhere and i constantly just want to be back in my warm bed but while i’m there i’m terrified that they’re going to come get me. i’m trying to hard to make them be quiet but i think i’m going to fail, my meds aren’t doing anything to help and i’m scared to tell my therapist because she’ll think i’m insane, but i’m not, i just want this to be over.
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If you have the kind of mental illness that causes one to hear voices, therapy isn't likely to be of much help except as adjunct therapy for coping daily.  For this disease, if you have it as you describe, medication is the only treatment.  If your meds aren't working, you need to see your psychiatrist and try something else, or get a different psychiatrist.  Have you been officially diagnosed?
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We encourage you to speak to your doctor immediately about this.  We've sent resources to your email and inbox as well.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.  
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