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implanon and severe depression

hello, i'm 29 and had my implanon inserted in january, shortly after i started feeling really low and started self harming could my implanon be the cause???
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not sure if this helps but I have been having the same thing with cerazette, the progestrogen only pill and the implanon releases the same hormone. Noone has confirmed to me that the self harm and depression is related to the pill but I know it is. The only thing you can do is have it removed and see if this helps. If it continues then it might be something else in your life, if it stops then try another method. If you are able to take conmbined pills you have the option of the patch or injection too. Hope this helps, good luck and remember, you're not the only one and it doesn't mean you're crazy.
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There are so many places I want to type this. I want you to know you are not batshit crazy. These implants have very strong hormones. I am a 52kg woman and I was severely depressed the whole way through my 3.5 years on the implanon, i became a different person i worried about everything, i became really weird about trust issues with my bf, thinking he was hiding porn or doing things behind my back. my usual self never would have even thought about this.

I have now been off the implanon for about 4 months am now on the pill. 100% the implanon made me a crazy *****. I'm back to my carefree self, not fully but i am just so much more at ease with everything. The pill however has stolen my sex drive, where as on the implant i had a great sex drive but very bad depression.

In the early days of the implanon i had done no research i hadn't a clue about what would happen i was 19. over the first week of having it in i would cry constantly and that was NOT me. I'm a tom boy i really don't get bothered by much. But i would cry at work for no reason, at home for no reason, and to tell you the truth it didn't get much better over the 3.5 years and it also got lost in my arm. So i had to go on a hospital waiting list and get it removed which was painful and took 2 hours.

This implant did make me a stronger person, i was suicidal at various points and i made it out alive. Some people have not. Please if it's a simple removal consider taking it out you can always get a new one. I hadn't been on the pill before i thought it was going to be such a hassell.. but no it's great i can skip my periods. where as on the implant sometimes i'd bleed for months.

hope you get through i honestly understand how alone you will feel.
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Hi there,

I'm so unbelievably relieved to read these hundreds of comments from ladies feeling so similar to us. It's almost ironic that I'm reading these countless statements, relaying the very same feelings i've been experiencing, and smiling. Of course, I would never wish the same feelings of utter hopelessness on anyone else, but there's small comfort in the overwhelming amount of people going through the same thing when you think you're the only one going 'batsh**t crazy'.

I'm nearly 27 and have had the implant for nearly 3 years now. I actually got it put in purely for convenience as I was going travelling and didn't want to rely on packs of pills the whole time, plus the lure of 'no periods' was very exciting and I didn't really consider the possible effects of depression or anxiety.

Just to note, previous to this, I've always suffered with anxiety and mild depression. I've struggled with panic attacks for most of my adult life, but generally my outlook is positive and although a typical worrier, I enjoyed (past tense) life.

It all started pretty well, with no periods for a while, lost a bit of weight and generally felt pretty great. I would say since the start of 2014 however, I've slowly disintegrated as a person and currently battling the worst 'episode' of my hormones being messed up since it was put in. I can't sleep, it's horrendous. I wake up completely exhausted and worry about not getting enough rest, a catch 22 situation as you can imagine for a worrying type....and then the cycle continues as i'm too anxious to relax. I've had horrendous periods, like a constant state of PMS when everything is irritating and you feel miserable and low one minute, then on top of the world the next, all for no apparent reason. On top of this, I've been  bleeding heavily for over a month now. I've taken the tablets to stop the bleeding, but once again, i'm back on a full period and feeling seriously low.

I've lost interest in life, my sex drive is not bad but considering it's usually sky high it's gotten worse, my work in London feels overwhelming and my self-esteem is rock bottom. There is NO reason for me to feel like this. In my rational moments I'm so grateful that my life has changed for the BETTER the last few months. I've just met a new man who's amazing and so understanding, so I'm partially trying to hide these mental symptoms from him as I don't want to let hormones jeaphordise our new relationship. My work is stressful yes, but I'm incredibly lucky to be doing a job I love with a very understanding team. I've just received a small promotion and I live in a great flat, with nice people, and have a loving family life. See the complete confusion here?! It didn't make sense.

It now all makes perfect sense. The niggling feelings I've had at the back of my mind regarding the implant MUST have some truth in them if this is the same old story repeated by so many women on this site. I genuinely believe that progesterone only contraception is bad news for anyone who suffers with anxiety or depression already. I'm sure it's a great choice for others, but I hope my added comment is enough to make you seriously consider whether what you choose is right for you, and not just done out of 'convenience'.

I have another doctors app on Thursday to check blood tests just in case my thyroid is a cause as apparently this can mess with sleep cycle etc, and in the meantime I'm booking an appointment to get this stupid rod out of my arm asap, before I get any worse. Will let you know how I get on!

Sending my love to anyone else feeling this bad. And just to finish, I've really found doing yoga stretches and meditation very helpful in relaxing myself every day, just to ease the anxiety. Also valerian tablets as a natural anxiety remedy, and plenty of soothing herbal teas. Keep reminding yourself that YOU are in control of your mental state ultimately, and that you don't have to be a slave to your hormones. Make the right choice and work towards getting them balanced, so you will feel more positive and able to deal with normal stress a lot better.

Love x
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Iv had a. Break Down for know 5 days an I'm balling and I don't know why iv had the implonon for about 2 yrs know and I was about to break off  a perfect relationship I thought was somthing different with it an I feel like I have changed as a person I think too my self why in the world do I feel this way I haven't told my boyfriend yet I feel this way but would he believe it's really the implonon that's making me feel this way I'm scared to tell him cause we were. Ganna have a baby when my 3 yr was up but I don't think I can wait another month maybe get on another birth control cause we arnt ready just yet an im talking my head off to my self by too much thinking I try to keep my self busy but it's the thoughts that are all ways thinking to my self I'm so happy I found this that I thought of the implonon cause maybe I will have a chance to be normal agin because doesn't matter where I am I think about my self changing tears just come out  it's actually a scary thought
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Hi , I've basically been thinking I'm the problem , I've been feeling like I'm not worthy of my boyfriend and daughter ,an emotional mess , I have no friends , normally prefer just to be on my own at home with boyfriend ,- feel like I have lost my personality , don't really know who I am anymore other than I'm a mess and irrational  ,  quite often il cry for no reason . Lastnight had a silly argument with bf over his friend coming back eatting his kfc (coz I had a bad day and just wanted cuddles from him and not to be around other people ) I get so worked up over these silly things but it genuinely makes me feel so desperate I feel like I have no control . I've had the implant in 3 years and have only just realised this could be the cause after a friend mentioned it , I think I'm going to get it taken out ASAP ,
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