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increase of zoloft

hello. I am currently taking zoloft originally it was for severe pms now for that and drpression.  I have been on lots of them.  paxil, wellbutrin, lexapro , cymbalta.  all had side effects I could not handle.  I was started on zoloft about 2 months ago.  at first i was doing well.  no side effects and still none but I continue to have depression, crying ect.  so my physican increased my dose from 50 mg to 100 mg.  I am alittle scared to do it but I do want relieve.  has anyone done this has it helped.  desperate here...thanks
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200mgs was my effective dosage (when I was on Zoloft)

Effective dosages of Zoloft (Sertraline) range from 100 to 250Mgs a day depending on the person and the severity of the depression.

Some people say they get relief from just 50Mgs a day, but most doctors find that to be rubbish.
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