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is he implanon connected to the thyroid gland and does it lead to weight gain and depression

i'm 17 years old and i have the implanon as my form of contraception. since it was inserted i have gained a huge amount of weight. i went up a dress size in two weeks. now the issue is, i have lessened my energy intake and have been extremely careful about what i consume because im not a very big excersiser and being in year 12 i dont often have time. but dispite my efforts i am still gaining weight. my formal is in two weeks and not being able to fit into a dress gets a bit distressing on top of that issues with my boyfriend, school pressure and my family calling me fat has started to get to me. i go to boarding school and my grandparents look after me during th holdays. knowing my grandparents would overreact about my implanon and its purppose i chose not to tell them although my mother knows about it. they have put me under pressure about losing weight and their method of pushing is insults and put downs about my body shape and weight. through the last holidays i found myself cracking under the pressure of their insults as well as everthing else and i went into the roof of our house and sat there for about an hour wondering what rafter would be best to hang myself off of fortunately i didnt take it any futher than thought. a few days after that in what was ment to be my relaxing holidays i found myself breaking an expencive rasor blade so i could cut my fat off but as i have a low pain threshold the cuts were not deep or many. later i reflected on my actions and wanted to see a doctor about depression. when my boyfriend saw what i had done he cryed and made me realise that something had to be done about my mind frame. when returning to school i filled in one of my friends about my issues in the holidays and we were talking about my weight gain that was making me so sad and she said it may ave been caused to the implanon reacting with my thyroid gland. i have since looked into the symptoms of hypothyroidism and i have at least half of them according to many websites. i have booked a doctors appointment to discuss it with them later in the week but i was wondering whether there has been a link found between the implanon and hypohyroidism?

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I am 24. I had implanon inserted at my six week checkup after giving birth in January. I have had practically all the symptoms of hypothyroidism- including extreme hair loss. I had to dye my hair dark because it looked so thin blonde. I just got my blood test results back and I do not have an underactive thyroid so... The implanon is coming out ASAP. These side effects are insane.
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I'm sorry you're meeting so harsh times about this. It's good to hear you have made friends at the boarding school - and really: You did something wise when thinking of contraception too.

I am not familiar with how implanon works! Only a few days ago a new forum opened though, Birth Control (contraception) >>


Maybe there are others who knows? You can find information about it one or another way on internet but be careful believing everything you read. It's a lot of information, and when someone share about how drugs work, the side effects are usually the first that's brought up - not saying anything about the rest of their health, co-ingestion or other important matters when it is about an intake - or use.

Maybe even the Thyroid Disorder forum could offer you some help too? I'll at least give you the link! >>


Don't hurt yourself to loose weight (please?). One of the first things that are done if you tell your healthprovider about feeling sad or depressed, is a little bit of bloodwork to see how your thyroids are working.

Remember that depression can happen to anyone. It's many things that act in....

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