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i'ts 2 months enough to have withdrawal symtomps of an antidepressant?

i was on wellbutrin and prozac for 2 months and cut them cold turkey to take another antidepressant zoloft. it's been 4 days and still no symtomps.
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A lot of people don't get withdrawal.  A lot do.  Those two drugs aren't the worst for withdrawals.  Prozac stays in the body for about a month, whereas the other ssris such as Zoloft leave in a matter of a day or less.  So if there is going to be a withdrawal from Prozac, it's usually so long after quitting that shrinks probably don't attribute it to the Prozac.  I'm not as familiar with wellbutrin, but the worst withdrawals are from snris, ssris other than Prozac (especially Paxil and Effexor), and benzos.
It's hard to say. Different people react in different ways. I was on Effexor for about 8 months, went off and had bad withdrawals (brain zaps) for nearly two years after. I went off Prozac recently and had no withdrawals whatsoever.
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Thanks for answering, yeah I hope I don't get any still no symptoms.
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