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lexapro withdrawl question

Hi,  with no help from my Dr. I thought I would post my question here.  I had taken 5mg of lexapro for 2 days only and had terrible anxiety.  I stopped cold turkey thinking i had only taken it 2 days it couldn't possibly cause withdrawl symptoms.  However, I do have the symptoms.  Nausea, dizziness and hot flashes.  Is this normal after only taking it for 2 days?
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Lexapro takes about 10 days to kick in and about 30 days to feel comfortable taking. I am up to 30 mg and feel quite anxiety free.

The first 30 days are a little spacey but after that I felt great. Like a huge weight had been taken off me. But I digress.

I did a little personal research on the effects of withdrawal and found I didn’t feel anything except anxiety creeping back till day 5 or 6.
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