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I have just started Lexapro 5mg for depression and anxiety. I also have an underlying illness that causes me alot of nausea and pain in my centre upper abdomin. I am currently undergoing tests for this. I have had this for over a month and this is what has made me extra depressed. I have also lost 7kgs.
Does anyone here have physical symptoms with there depresson?
Also what has your Lexapro experience been like?
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For me, Lexapro caused A LOT of nausia.  Its not necessarily a bad thing though, because my psyciatrist explained to me that you have brain cells in your stomach and Lexapro works to balence out the chemical Seratonin in your brain (chemical for happiness).  Seratonin is also present in your stomach so when your nausious its actually just the seratonin becoming more balanced.  It also made my anxiety much worse for the first week, but then it lessened after that.  
I dont want to discourage you from this, because it is a very effective drug for many people.  Also, its not addicting and isnt as aggresive as other drugs.  Also, you can be weened off of it when you feel like your able to manage anxiety on your own.  
I dont exactly know if i have physical symptoms that come from depression, but I associate them with it becuase there is no other explainations.  Sometimes My whole body just aches, for no reason.  And i notice it happens when im really feeling down.  Also fatigue, and just lack of energy.
I wish you well
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I took 1 Lexapro and I became super nervous and anxious about 4 hrs later. I don't know if it was the drug or it was me? Im sure my physical symptoms aren't from depression, I think my depression is from the physical stuff. Anyway I went to a different dr today and his going to get me in for a Endoscopy on Monday. So fingers crossed. Thanks for your advice.
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Good luck.  Getting anxious after taking the Lexapro was probably just from that. it can actually increase your anxiety as a side effect, but once you fight through it, it should go away in a week or so..sometimes less.  Also, you could have gotten anxious because you were nervous about trying a new med.  
Well, good luck with everything!
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