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lhelp i have very low self esteem

I have very low self esteem. Its causes my depression to be worse and is messing up my relationship with my bf. Im starting therapy next month to work on my issues , but I need some help now. Anyone have suggestions on how to incresase self esteem?  Thanks
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Hey Kellie,
I think we have all been there at one time or another...Im kinda there now ...just try and look at all the good qualities you have and appreciate yourself. Look at the ones you are not happy with and find a way to improve them for yourself , your bf will benefit from it as well but, do it for you. you clearly have a good heart...I say that because you are worried about how it will affect your relationship with him so, you putting others before yourself..not selffish and anyone who has that many animals must love them and anyone who loves animals like that HAS to have a great heart!  ...:) nice pics of your "babies" HA!
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Me too, no self esteem! im in theapy at moment, bad relationship with ex kinda knocked every ounce of confidence and self esteem out of me! What she told me to do is write things (positive) about me and put it up in a place that i will see it! Also keep repeating things like, I am srrong, I am whatever... just things you are good at etc!!!
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Thanks for all the nice comments. I will try the lists.
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Hi Kellie;

You remind me of my daughter born 11/071980. She is named Kelly and we always called her kelly bellie as well.  She is bi-polar and struggles daily with relationship issues.

Feel better...that is a beautiful pic of you in the blue dress!!

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